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 [Personal Profile: THRAX]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: THRAX]    Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:43 pm

1. Name

2. Age and Birthday
January 29

3. Friends

Even though he had hurt her by choosing Jasmine over her he still feels like she is one of he’s best friends and he still loves her. He wants to make sure she is happy and hopefully someday they can go back to the way things where as Best friends.

Snow White
After TTW with snow he feels a strong personal connection with her. After her telling him about the rape he hopes that she is not pregnant and hopes he can help her out with her illness.

They didn’t talk to each other a ton when they shared a room with one another but she helped him through a tough time in he’s life and he feels grateful for that.

4. Enemies

5. Acquaintances

Odette (Met her on the Streets)

6. Love interests

After Thrax had changed he’s aperance to look like a demon he never thought he would find love again. But he met Jasmine and fell head over heals in love with her. They had a rough patch when he had to choose between her and Pocahontas but it was her love for caring for others that made him love her even more then he already did. He would do anything for her and he truly loves her.

7. Traumas

After being chased out of Pocahontas village by being called a demon when he was a young doctor he changed himself into a demon with surgery. He has a completely different apperence now and thinks he really is a horrible person for not being able to save Pocahontas’s brother Kocuom.

8. Home Country

New Orleans Louisana, USA

9. History

Thrax grew up a country boy and grew up in the south with he’s Dad, Mom, and little sister Tiana.
Thrax Graduated high school at the age of 16 and went to medical school right away. He graduated at age 24 two years before most people get done. Thrax was always very good at school every thing knowledge wise came easy to him. When he graduated he started an internship that went to rural areas to help the people that lived there. That’s where he met Pocahontas and became friends with her.
After changing himself into a demon he became a doctor for the people of the streets. He saw it all there. Everything from people dieing from stab wounds to women giving birth to cracked out baby’s in the street. Thrax would help you no matter what…. But sometimes it’ll cost you. The one thing Thrax knows about is plastic surgery. But if you didn’t pay for the medical help that you needed you will have to answer to Thrax’s knife. He could change you into anything you want just like how he changed himself. But most of the time he would just do nose and boob jobs. He was king of the streets until one night when someone knocked him out and brought him here….
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[Personal Profile: THRAX]
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