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 [Personal Profile: ALADDIN]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: ALADDIN]    Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:13 am


19 years old, March 30

- Wendy: A good friend made talking through the wall and was once a roommate. They've been through a lot together, helping each other out step by step. Including the birth of Aaron, Jim's death, and more.

- Jasmine: Best friend from when Al and Jas were kids. They happened to reconnect on a dinner date here, and have been trying to keep in touch as often as possible since.

- Sinbad: I suppose you could use the word friend. Smile They were first roommates when they first got here. Very opposite personalities, took a long time before they were 'friends'.

- Jane [dead]: Another friend met through the wall. Also friends with Esmeralda, and she helped a lot during the pregnancy and childbirth.

- Anastasia: Aladdin's third roommate. They are the best of friends, and they're always there for each other.

- Lilo: Believe it or not, Aladdin really cares for Lilo. She may have killed his fiancee, but after being roommates with her twice, he now understands things better and has started making a bond with her.

- John: Captured him, took his son, and killed his fiancee. Need I say more?

- Phoebus [dead]: Rapist times a million. Aladdin almost beat him to death in the basement, but Sinbad finished the job for them.

- Helga: Aladdin's fourth roommate. They seem to have more in common than Al has felt with anyone else here, nice and mysterious girl.
- Thrax: Aladdin's current roommate, Jasmine's ex, met TTW. We'll see where this goes... Awkward love squares are unpredictable.
- Dimitri: TTW, knows he has something to do with a key.
- Eric: Esme's brother. Aladdin hopes to spend more time with him and get to know him better.
- Cindy: Talked to TTW, saw outside in the garden, Esme's good friend.
- Odette: Met outside briefly.
- Anya: Was a roommate for a short time.
- Ariel [dead]: TTW.
- Pocahontas: TTW.
- Snow White: TTW.
- Rapunzel [dead]: TTW.
- Aurora [dead]: Brief roommates.
***So many, I forget.***

- Esmeralda [dead]: Aladdin's first love. They met before they were captured. The short time they had with each other was beautiful and perfect, and they both lost their memories of each other when they woke up as prisoners. Eventually they remembered each other. Esme was Aladdin's second roommate, and they had a son together in that very room, the same room he proposed to her in, who they named Aaron Edric. Aaron was taken away by the villian, because he was born early and would have died. Esmeralda was killed... Aladdin found her dead at the bottom of the pool.
- Jasmine: Not only have Aladdin and Jasmine been best friends since they were little and share a past, but throughout their time in this place, they eventually fell in love. They were roomed together twice. They understand each other like none other, and he loves her with all of his heart.

- Growing up alone with no family and wandering the world alone.
- Losing his best friend, Jasmine, who was taken into the palace and Aladdin couldn't save her.
- Being captured, of course.
- His son being taken away.
- The death of his fiancee, Esmeralda.

- Originally from Agrabah, but went around the world. Until one day in France, he met Esmeralda. Everything changed from there.

Basically listed above, especially under Traumas. Long story short? Al grew up alone, met his dream girl, got captured, survived, was with Esme again, had a son, lost both his son and his bride. Pretty depressing, yes? But then he reconnected with some friends, his son, and he fell in love with Jasmine. Sign, sealed, and delivered.
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[Personal Profile: ALADDIN]
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