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 [Personal Profile: JANE]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: JANE]   Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:52 am

1. NAME:

Jane Porter (Tucker)


26, June 4th


Esmeralda: Being a mother herself, Jane had many Through The Wall conversations with Esmaralda about her unborn child. Jane hasn't seen or heard from Esme in a long time, and she fears the worst.

Lilo: Jane first met Lilo Through the Wall when she met Dimitri. At first she had the desire to help who she thought to be simply a "child" for her to nurture. But after getting to know Lilo, she found out that she was more mature than many of the adult prisoners and has begun to think of her as more of an equal than just a child.

Phoebus' "Good Side" : Jane was once roomed with the infamous Phoebus. She found that he had split personality a good side and a bad side. She still regrets to this day his death, and not being able to help the "Good Side" conquer the "Bad Side".

Odette: Both being in love with Dimitri, Jane and Odette coud be considered enemies, but they are actually friends (?) most of the time. The two have a mutual respect for each other, despite the fact that their histories entwine more than they realized until meeting the other.


Cale Tucker: Jane's husband, he left her for Odette eight years ago leaving Jane and their unborn child in Australia alone.

Phoebus' "Bad Side" : This side was 'who' nearly raped Jane after she told him that she didn't love him, but loved someone else.


John Smith: Though he is the Villian and Jane could see him as an enemy, he has done too much for her. He has allowed her to see her son, he stopped Phoebus from raping her... Jane has a respect for this "Villian" and has only met him once.

Cinderella: Another pregnant mother with whom Jane has conversed, mostly at the Dinner Party when Jane fainted from a head injury and Cinderella brought her a medical kit.

Aladdin: Esme's fiancee that Jane has comforted through the wall, she is quite fond of him, but knows little of him


Cody: Jane's son, he is the love of her life and the reason that she continues to fight. Jane would do anything to keep her son safe, and indeed - once John pointed a gun at Cody in her arms and told her to chose 'her or him' she dropped Cody and told Villian to shoot her. She would die for her son.

Dimitri: Jane met Dimitri through the wall, and began to fall in love with the voice that brought her peace when she was most afraid. Finally she was roomed with Dimitri and her feelings for him grew. On her birthday he told her to wish for anything, and she wished only for a kiss. That was the first and last time the pair kissed, as Jane hasn't been roomed with him since. Currently Jane thinks Dimitri to be in love with Odette and is unsure of where her future lies with Dimitri. She wants to marry him, she thinks, despite being mocked about this from Odette.


-Discovering Cale to be cheating on her with various prostitutes, especially Odette (but Meg as well)

-Stumbling upon a poaching ring and then being knocked out, seperated from Cody and taken to the Villian's lair.

-Head injury sustained from being kidnapped, which placed her in a coma for the first few weeks of her "stay"

- Nearly being raped by Phoebus

- Forced to kill Melody, a girl, in order to guarantee Cody's safety

- Seeing Dimitri and Odette tell each other their love on a Broadcast (later she found out this to be not as true as Villain had wanted her to believe)


England, but moved to Australia with Cale. She remained there even when he left her, and raised Cody for eight years there, up until their kidnapping


Jane was a University student, studying animal behaviour and zoology (and doing art on the side). She met Cale Tucker at a local cafe, where they fell in love. Cale was quite different from Jane, and her parents didn't approve of him. When Cale proposed marriage, they eloped.

They moved to London, away from Jane's family, but when Cale came home every night smelling like another woman Jane began to suspect things. One day out of the blue, Cale begged Jane they move to Australia (she could study her animals and paint, though his reasons for wanting to go weren't as clear, Jane thinks now it was guilt- he wanted to get away from his "other women").

Jane agreed and they moved there, where Cale built them a house. When Jane became pregnant, Cale became increasingly angry, and finally left her and flew back to London, leaving Jane with her child.

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[Personal Profile: JANE]
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