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 [Personal Profile: CHARLOTTE]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: CHARLOTTE]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:59 pm

Charlotte Dawson

Age and Birthday
19 years. Birthday: July 26th.

Pocahontas: Even though they only talked for a short, limited time, Charlotte still admires Pocahontas and thinks very fondly of her. Pocahontas saved Charlotte's life in the basement, and for the first time in Charlotte's life, she didn't feel too alone when she was talking to her.

Naveen: Naveen was Charlotte's first roommate that she talked to freely. She finds him really nice and comforting. Though he is charming and sweet, Charlotte would never see him as more than a friend due to multiple reasons. First, she knows he has a girlfriend he loves and second, all of her heart is still in the hands of Dimitri.

Shang: Charlotte loves to hang around with Shang, and often also flirt with him. She feels like she can be her silly self with him without concern for how he might react to her. Shang is probably the only person she dares to be completely herself with. Charlotte doesn't see him as anything but a possible best friend, and the flirting is always only friendly and nothing more. Even though she disapproves of his profession, she still really likes Shang, and though she at first was scared of him, now she can not see how anyone could be afraid of this gentle soul. She considers him her best friend in this place, and probably also on the outside, as she had close to no friends before she was kidnapped.

Ariel: Charlotte isn't really as mad at Ariel as she is terrified of her. She has never been so scared of anything or anyone in her life, but seeing what she did to the poor woman on the television she has no doubts she is capable of doing something like it again. She hopes she never has to be roomed with Ariel.

Jane: Charlotte never got to talk to Jane much, but just being in the same room as her made her want to trust the woman instinctly.

Eric: Charlotte barely spoke a word to Eric, but she finds him nice.

Odette: Charlotte have split meanings about Odette. On one hand she really admires the beauty and kindness the blonde has shown her, but on the other the jealousy drives Charlotte to despice her, though she deep down knows Odette can not be blamed for her missery.

Love interests
Dimitri: Charlotte was never really attracted to anyone until she laid eyes on Dimitri, and as she grew to know him her adoration for him only grew. Charlotte never told him her feelings towards him as she feels like she is not worth a man like Dimitri, and though Dimitri was the man to take her virginity, she does not think he would ever look at her like more than a friend, or even that. Due to her giving him so much without expecting anything in return, she was constantly afraid he liked her for nothing but her money.

Sinbad: Charlotte isn't so sure if she honestly wants Sinbad in any romantic way, or if he was just sort of a rebound for her. Either way, her heart always flutter when she lays eyes upon him. Whether she admits it or not, she secretly dreams and fantasizes of Sinbad from time to time. In all honesty, what she feels for him is a strong attraction and a slight crush.

Charlotte has never had to go through anything traumatic in her until recently.
Loosing Dimitri: When Dimitri left she always figured he had left because he got bored of her, and didn't want to stay with her anymore. The fact that he left without even a goodbye broke her heart more than it has ever been broken.

Being kidnapped: Charlotte is used to getting anything she wants at any time. She was never taught to stand on her own two feet, and is scared more than ever now that it seems she is all alone with no one to depend on.

Home Country

Charlotte was brought up in a big city in America. Her father would always give her what she wanted, and if she pointed at something she would immidiatly get it. Though Charlotte has no experience of doing anything by herself, and though she has little knowledge about anything practical, she never wanted to be a spoiled child. She always admired independent women and always wanted to be one of them. Charlotte never really had a real boyfriend, as she thought she wasn't good enough for anybody and that boys would much rather have independent women. This was also the reason why she never confessed her love for Dimitri.
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[Personal Profile: CHARLOTTE]
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