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 [Personal Profile: DIMITRI]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: DIMITRI]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:17 am

Dimitri Markovich.

Age and Birthday
24 years. Birthday: October 29th 1987.

Eric: Dimitri sees many similarities between himself and Eric, and respects his confidence and strength, which Eric seems to mantain even in the face of the Villain. He sees Eric as someone who has lived his life successfully, and in some senses Dimitri aspires to be like him. Dimitri also percieves Eric as someone who has done what Dimitri seemed to lack in his own life- live life to the full- although in reality this may not be true. Therefore it was a suprise to Dimitri when Eric fell apart during the Villain's torture of Pocahontas and Anya, which made him feel more guilty. He now fears that this potential friendship may fall apart if Eric was ever to find out he was responsible the whole time.

Lilo: Lilo was Dimitri's first room mate, and has helped him to, at times, worry less. Although at first he was unused to children, seeing her as more of a hassle than a friend, he now cares for her. She does, however, frequently scare him with her taste for murder, although he sees that as more of a fault of her past and upbringing. Dimitri may often be patronising towards Lilo, although this is mostly due to his unfamiliarilty with children and Lilo is normally quick to correct him when he does.

Villain: Although they have not met in person many times Dimitri hates the Villain, most obviously as he is responsible for the kidnap of himself and many of his loved ones. He also hates how the Villain seems to enjoy making everyone suffer, and treats their lives like a game. If he was given the oppurtunity then the Villain would be one of the few people Dimitri would be happy to kill. Recently Dimitri has become more and more curious about the Villain's past, and continues to try and learn more in hopes this could help him or someone he loves escape.

Sinbad: Dimitri has only met Sinbad once and in that time his opinion of him has dramatically changed. When they first met in the basement he seemed in love with Ariel, however since arriving in here Dimitri has witnessed the impact of his affairs three times- Kida's heartbreak over Ariel, Eric's over Anya and now his own personal heart break over Odette, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. He sees Sinbad as a selfish and irresponsible, and holds alot of resentment in particular over how he 'used' Odette and other vulnerable girls in here. This is subject to change however as he has not spent any long periods of time with Sinbad.

Pocahontas: Dimitri believes Pocahontas to be stupid and gullible, in particular over the events that have recently happened concerning the Villain. Although he accepts that she has every right to hate him over her torture he feels that she has gone beyond this and betrayed everyone who has been captured by the Villain. In this sense he believes her to be responsible for his involvement in the murder of Thumbelina.

Ariel: After the tv broadcast Dimitri now obviously hates Ariel, not understanding what would have made her turn on Odette like that. He directs this hatred at her to avoid the feelings of guilt he has that he was unable to protect Odette.

Cinderella: Dimitri has only met Cinderella a few times and believes she is a kind person who does not deserve being kidnapped here. In particular he feels sorry for her betrayal by the Villain/ Jack, although the full details of their relationship he is unaware of.

Anya: Dimitri feels an element of guilt towards Anya, after being responsible for her torture, and feels that he 'owes' her something in return.

Thrax: Having been roomed with him, he seems a nice guy. He can relate to his situation, and although disagrees with him over some things in general gets along with him.

Love Interests
Odette: Dimitri met Odette when he was a child, and they have known each other ever since. From the age of around 15 he has been attempting to care and protect her from her father's abuse, eventually leading to his proposal that they escape together. When this failed he has always blamed himself for losing her, and not keeping his promise. Dimitri has loved Odette for most of his life, however recently he has held back, believing the years may have changed her and their relationship for the worst.

Jane: Jane was the first person Dimitri has had true feelings for since Odette. He respected her independence and strength of character, which was refreshing by comparison to the usual women he had to support and look after. Looking back his feelings for Jane were probably stronger than he credited, but upon discovering her body he only feels numb feeling about her.

Charlotte: Recently Dimitri has found himself thinking more and more about Charlotte. She has always been there for him, and seen him at some of his worse points, although before recently he had never thought to look at her as much more than a close friend. Now he has conflicting emotions, and whilst he may be beginning to have feelings for her he is determined to push them aside before she gets hurt, learning from Odette and Jane that things are for the best when he does not get involved. What Dimitri does not realise is that in his desperate attempt to not get Charlotte hurt he is probably doing more damage than he ever would if he stuck around.

Thumbelina's Death: Dimitri had never killed anyone before, accidently or otherwise. Although he has tried, Dimitri has never been very good in violent situations. Therefore the murder of Thumbelina has been very traumatic for Dimitri to deal with, and his guilty conscience continues to haunt him.

Jane's attempted rape: Watching this on tv made Dimitri feel helpless and further emphasised to him that he was unable to help anyone.

Pocahontas and Anya's torture: Dimitri usually blames himself for the problems that go wrong both in his life and within the lives of people close to him. He is never very good with letting go of his past mistakes, and often holds his guilt for long periods of time. In holding onto the key he indirectly caused the torture of Pocahontas and Anya, betraying Eric. He now feels very guilty, and still tries to find some way to make it up to the people he has hurt.

Odette's torture: Watching this from his room he felt useless and as if he had betrayed Odette beyond imaginable after promising to help her.

Being trapped in Room 0: Stuck alone surrounded by the dead he had loved Dimitri reached his lowest point, willing himseld to die.

Home Country
USA. Family Originate from Russia and parents immigrated to America.

Dimitri's parents moved to America before he was born. He was an only child, and both his parents worked long hours. Therefore he often got bored. At school he was smart, but at the age of 8 he moved and was therefore isolated from the rest of the children at his school. He met Odette when playing by himself in the woods by a lake.
Odette and him were close friends. As he got older he began to notice her scars more and more, and eventually asked her about them. Learning about her father he promised to protect her. They planned to leave together, and Dimitri bought her the locket she still wears today. However Dimitri stole the locket, and was arrested at the time they planned to escape. When he eventually was released Odette was not at home, already in hospital due to the latest confrontation with her father. Afterwards she left home, not seeing Dimitri until 5 years later, in this place.
Dimitri was arrested twice more after Odette left, and eventually kicked out by his parents who he is no longer in contact with. Instead he went to the city to try and find Odette, working various jobs.
More recently he met Charlotte, and she helped him pay for a flat and get a job working for her father's company. However the day before he was captured Dimitri lost his job on account of being drunk whilst working and shouting abuse at his customers. He woke up hungover, and whilst walking home was confronted by the Villain.
Dimitri is most likely an alcoholic, although whilst alcohol is not avaliable in here he has become less and less reliant on it.
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[Personal Profile: DIMITRI]
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