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 [Personal Profile: AURORA]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: AURORA]   Mon Sep 19, 2011 1:06 am


Age and Birthday
24 years old. Birthday: February 25th.

She don't dare to make any friends after having everyone she loved, turning their back on her.

(Dead) Chel - Aurora had always thought of Chel as her best friend but when she found out that Chel had slept with Aurora's (ex)boyfriend Tulio they became enemies. When she met Chel again after being kidnapped they had a fight and surprisingly Aurora won even if Chel is stronger. The hate Aurora had in her made her stronger and more stubborn than Chel.

[Will update later]

Love interests
(Dead) Hercules - He was Aurora's boyfriend some years ago, before she knew Chel or Tulio. She loved him more than anything but when she found out that he cheated on her, she killed him.

(Dead) Tulio - Before she got kidnapped she was togheter with Tulio. Earlier the day she got kidnapped she found out that he was cheating on her with Chel which made her heart break.

Sinbad - Even if she never really loved Sinbad they had a short relation (they had sex) and the day after she got to know TTW that Sinbad had sex with Kida. That made her understand that love is a very bad thing 'cause it always breaks the heart.

[Will update later]

Home Country
I'm not sure but I think England

[Will update later]

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[Personal Profile: AURORA]
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