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 [Personal Profile: ERIC]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: ERIC]   Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:05 am

Eric Thomas Doe (name give by the orphanage).

24 years old, December 15th.

Dimitri. Eric doesn't like men. Really not. Being the main source of his contract. He shows himself often cold and distant with them, even pretentious. Nevertheless, he sees in Dimitri a friend. He considers him as different. He thinks that Dim' worth it. He's, in a way, like him. As a brother?

Pocahontas. His first love. Lover her since their first one contract together, Eric had to choose to protect her and kill her. Depressed by the idea of loses her, he has of be resolved to see again her no never. The day of their goodbye, Eric was broken-hearted for a long time. Now, he loves her, but as a very closer friend.

Lilo: Eric admires Lilo. She is an unique, incredible child. Eric considers her as a younger sister. She is destabilizing, sometimes too adult, she puts him ill-at-ease, but he loves her.

Helga: Even if he ignores that Helga is here, Eric sees in her the mother that he has never known. She always protected him being a child, and was her confidante when the subject was too subtle for Miguel.

John Smith/Villain. Eric wants to kill him. He hates him. But the fact that he help him to save Anya make him feel like... a little bit grateful to him.

Sinbad: Eric considers Sinbad as a profound moron, a man as those who crosses him contracts. He despise him.

Aladdin. He knows that he is the fiancé of Esmee, but doesn't know him more than that. He finds him a little bit naïve.

Odette. He met her in a game.

Love interrests
Anya. Eric admires her strength and her broken side. He hesitated for a long time before deciding to put a name on what he felt, persuaded that he would hurt her, but decided to love her nevertheless. Before realizing how Villain can used this relation. Chooses to play a role to protect her from him, but his fear of losing her made him think about his feelings for her. Eric loves her, really, and is persuaded that he'll die for her. For her, he wants to change, to be a little less solitary and hidden.

Esmeralda. His twin sister, whom he knows only too little. Eric met her as target of a contract. He refused to kill her. Discovered later that she was his sister, his twin. Acts in a protective way to her. Knowing that he has a sister and henceforth a nephew has change his life.

- Child, he discovers his 'protected', the one that he considers as his sister, murdered and raped by the director of the orphanage where he lives.
- A horrible fury take him, which will always exist in him and of which he will always be afraid, and he kills the director of the orphanage with Miguel. Helga hides the proofs and they run away.
- Obliged to break with Pocahontas, his first love, he becomes persuaded to be dedicated to hurt all the women of his life.
- Lack to kill his twin sister during a contract. Realize that he has a family. A real family.
- Kidnap by Villain.
- Oblige to kill Nani for him.
- Believe that Anya was going to die.

Home Country
Lawrence, Kansas.

Eric is orphan and lived until his 7 years in an orphanage where he meets Miguel, Helga and Penny. When Penny is murdered, Eric, Helga and Miguel runs away from the orphanage and lives in the street until one recruit them. Eric meets Pocahontas is 18 years old. Leave her when he's 20.
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[Personal Profile: ERIC]
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