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 [Personal Profile: SINBAD]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: SINBAD]   Tue Sep 20, 2011 8:24 am

Sinbad Wilson

Age and Birthday
22 years. Birthday: November 15th 1988.

Tobias: Sinbad's brother and the only person he really cared for (except his mother), when he was a child. Sinbad always looked up to Tobias, and when he was a child he dreamed of being like his brother.
Simon Charming: The first and only person Sinbad considered his close friend after the death of his brother. They met during fencing practice. Simon was the one who convinced Sinbad to visit the whore house, because he kept complaining about his marriage.
Aladdin: When they first met Sinbad was really cold and would have nothing to do with Aladdin. He found him annoying. After he got to know him, Sinbad realized that Aladdin was a quite nice guy.
Cinderella: Sinbad refused to see Cinderella as the nice person she really is. To him she was nothing but the girl he was forced to marry, and therefor ruined his life. But now they have decided to start over new, and he is beginning to see how wrong he treated her. After he has realized how nice she is, he is regretting that he never gave her a chance when they were married. But he is glad that they can be friends.

John/Villain: The person Sinbad hates the most in the entire world. There are too many things to list. Sinbad can't see/refuse to see the similarities between them.
Phoebus (dead): Sinbad only knew Phoebus as the man who raped both Ariel and Meg. And for that he hated him. He is glad that he is dead, and he doesn't regret killing him at all.
Fagin (dead): Sinbad didn't really like Fagin to begin with, but when he touched Ariel it turned into hatred. Sinbad enjoyed seeing him die, but he felt bad because of it.

Chel(dead[unknown to Sinbad]): A girl Sinbad slept with.
Aurora: A girl Sinbad slept with.
Kida (dead[unknown to Sinbad]): A girl Sinbad slept with.
Odette: A girl Sinbad slept with. She got pregnant with his child. Even though they haven't been together for a very long time, Sinbad has started caring for Odette. Therefor he promised to help her take care of the baby. Not for the baby's sake, but to help her out. Though it pissed him off that she tried to ruin his relationship with Ariel.
Anya: A girl Sinbad slept with.
Dimitri: Sinbad is thankful for the fact that Dimitri helped him and Ariel after his fight with Fagin.
Snow White: Sinbad only remembers her as the girl who helped in with his bandage during the marking task. He doesn't even know her name.
Jasmine: Sinbad first thought Jasmine seemed like a nice girl, but now he hates her for sleeping with Ariel.
Anastasia: Because she was a part of Cinderella's family Sinbad judged her before he got to know her. When he got to know her he realized that she was a sweet girl.
Kayla: Sinbad has only talked to her through the wall. The fact that she is Ariel's ex-girlfriend make their relationship hard. But Sinbad has nothing personal against her.
Pocahontas: Sinbad is trying to forget he ever met Pocahontas and about what happened the first time they met. After she was raped, Cindy took care of her. It annoyed Sinbad that she stayed at the house, and he wanted to get her out as quickly as possible.

Love interests
Meg (dead): A whore Sinbad slept with countless times, while he was married to Cinderella. He ended up falling in love with her. It hurt him that he wasn't able to save her. Even though she is dead, she will always have a place in Sinbad's heart.
Ariel: A girl Sinbad slept with and later on developed deep feelings for. Being with her is the first time Sinbad has ever considered staying true to someone. At the moment he feels like Ariel is the only reason to stay alive in here and therefor he'll do anything for her (or at least try his best).

The death of his brother: 10 years ago Sinbad accidentally killed his older brother, Tobias.
The marriage with Cinderella: Sinbad blames this for most of the problems he has.

Home Country

- will probably add this later -
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[Personal Profile: SINBAD]
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