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 {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 5}

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PostSubject: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 5}   Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:05 am

School had ended half an hour earlier, but John wasn’t tempted to go home. There was nothing for him at home. There was only an empty house and empty memories, painful memories.
As he walked through the park he stared blankly ahead until a noise pulled him out of his train of thoughts. Usually he would never have reacted to a noise so soft, but he recognized it, and he recognized it well. It was Megara’s voice.
The girl he had seen far too many times before.
Stopping, he looked towards the place he had heard the voice. Hidden behind a tree was the same old Megara he had watched for weeks through the school window. She seemed a lot more beautiful so close… but he quickly shook that thought.
He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth in anger, repulsed by the actions of the girl as she saw her leaning up against the boy as if leading up to something more. He couldn’t stand it anymore; he couldn’t just stand there and watch this time.
Walking up to where they were standing, he quickly grabbed her hand and plastered on his best charming, crooked smile.
“Sorry,” he said to the guy who now had changed his expression from a disgusting grin and into one of pure confusion and surprise.
“I believe I reserved her for today,” he said in a pleasant, polite voice as he dragged Megara with him away from the boy. Despite her loud protests he wouldn’t let go of her until they were far away from the park, hidden behind their own tree. Then he turned around to her and glared her down. How could she do this to herself?
“You’re despicable,” he said in a neutral voice.
“Cover yourself up,” he said sternly before turning around to leave, finding himself being held back before he had even taken a step away from her. She was holding his arm, looking at him as if she was demanding something. An apology? An explanation? He didn’t know what she wanted, but for a split second his mouth dropped at the sight of her eyes.
The expression was so intimidating, so strong… and yet, he could sense a weakness, the same weakness that lied inside of him. It was as if they already shared a bond…
“Ehh..” he started before pulling himself back into reality. Ripping his arm away from her he leaned onto her, keeping himself up with the tree she was leaning against.
“You’re better than this Meg,” he said softly before he stood straight and walked off, his backpack over his right shoulder and both of his fists clenched.
That was stupid.
So stupid.
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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 5}   Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:56 pm

omg awwww John!!!
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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 5}   Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:50 pm

Meg looked with a sururpisesd glance the boy while he was going away, and only after a while she replied talking to herlself
"No, i'm not…"
Before turn her back and move away

sorry, had to do it X3
I already told you, but i had to tell it again, i love this FF *-*
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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 5}   

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{The Secret Story Revealed; Part 5}
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