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  {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 6}

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PostSubject: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 6}   Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:52 pm

It was a late afternoon of a normal day, lessons had finished for a while and John was walking in the park. Nobody was there due to dark clouds in the sky that were appearing threatening. A perfect day for one like him to walk in the park: alone, with no bothering and annoying guys all around, simply enjoying what nature offered.
But he had hoped too much in it: a first drop hit his head, followed by another one, and another one, and another one…
He had just the time to reach a little gazebo before the rain started to fall with violence and fury. He had an umbrella with him, but with a so hard rain it couldn't help a lot, and he had time, he didn't mind wait.
It were already a few minutes that it had started to rain, and the violence of the storm gave no signal of a decrease, when he saw a girl running in the park and fastly jump under the gazebo.
He recognized her immediately: Meg.
He hadn't seen her since when he had interrupted her in the park, almost a month before.
She was soaked, she had no umbrella or any other protection from the rain: only her soggy and messy school's uniform, and now she was hugging herself and trembling like a puppy.
When she looked at him it seemed like she hadn't recognized him.
"Do you mind if I stay?"
she asked with a voice that was trembling because of the cold.
He shrugged and looked elsewhere
"It's a public place."

Minutes passed, and the rain kept falling.
Both Meg and John had surrended to the idea to wait and had seat on the floor, looking at the sky in silence.
Meg was still trembling hard: she hadn't managed to stop since she had arrived.
John looked furtively at her: he could try to ignore her but without any result, and even if he kept telling himself that it was only because of the noise of the tremble, he knew it wasn't it.
He sighed and took off his jacket to put it around her shoulders, without a word.
She looked at him surprised, frowned, like she was waiting to hear what he wanted in exchange, but in the end, when he didn't say a word and came back to seat in hi place and to look at the sky, she whispered a "Thank you", turning as well her glance to the clouds.

It passed another minute.
Meg had stopped to tremble, warmed by the boy's jacket.
John was trying to keep his glance sticked in the sky, but a mysterious force forced him to look at the girl again: she was seat on the floor, her beautiful hair were wet and a bit messy, but strangely this made her seem even more pretty. Her glance was sticked in sky, and her shoulders were covered by his jacket: she seemed so small with it on her, it was so much bigger then her that she could cover all her body, only the hands were out for an half, keeping the jacked from the neckband. She was keeping the knees on her chest, her legs appeared in that way naked: she had a so perfect body… the wet socks had slipped to the ankles, and the skirt had slipped because of the position. From where he was he could even see her slips…

Turning angrily his head again he growled
"Cover yourself"
But she didn't even turn her head, and when she spoke her voice was sweet and calm
"Why? There's nothing that anyone hasn't already seen…"
She seemed so resigned to it, her sweet voice had a so sad vein in it, that he couldn't stay angry. Softly he replied, looking at her again
"It doesn't have to be in that way…"
"Yes it does: it's or that way or alone."
She didn't turn her head, she kept her glance stick in the sky, her sweet voice still had that sad shade.
"I'm alone and i don't complain"
Replied him softened by her attitude, with a little smile while he kept looking at her. She was so different from when she was with the other guys. How could they be so idiot to don't see how beautiful she really was? How special? She wasn't only a pretty doll, in her there was so much more…
She sighed closing her eyes and lowered her glance, still without watching at hi,
"Then you're stronger then me." she said, the sad shad that grew in her voice "I can't stand the loneliness, i really can't" and this time, behind the sweetness of her voice, behind the sadness and the resignation, there was more: despair, pain…
John felt so touched by her words but before he could say anything she raised
"I have to go now, or my absence will be noticed."
And with a smile she gave back the jacked to him.
He looked at her surprised, but then he shacked the head
"Keep it, it's still cold"
But she refused
"No, i would wet it."
"Then take this." he said rising, taking the jacket and putting in her hands his umbrella, and before she could refuse again he continued "I don't need it, i can wait until the storm is over." And then, to encourage her, he opened the umbrella and put it again in her hands.
She gave him a little smile and, with the umbrella that was covering her from the rain, she made a few steps outside.
Then she turned, and with a brilliant smile, she said to him
"Thank you!"
Then she turned and ran away.
John remained there, dazed. Even if the stormy was still raging, he had just had the occasion to admire a beautiful sunbeam.
Then, after all, he was right.
She wasn't only a whore.
She might really be a soul twin to him…
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{The Secret Story Revealed; Part 6}
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