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 {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 3}

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PostSubject: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 3}   Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:35 am

This fanfiction will reveal John's life in College as an 18 year old student. This fanfiction takes place in England, where College is the school you go to from you are 16 – 18 (unless you apply when you are older, or change courses etc.) Meg is 16 years old and John is 18. In England College is almost the same as the American High School. Please don’t mix these up and get confused. For more information on British College, look it up yourself.

John was walking down the long corridor, looking out the windows he passed. It was break, and he was heading outside. Not that he had anything to do outside; he just didn’t like to be inside of this warm, damp, suffocating building any longer than what was absolutely necessary.
He stopped by one of the windows near the stairway leading downstairs and out. There she was again. Outside, behind the broken fence put up to keep the boys and the girls separated, she was leaning up against the building of the girl’s college, talking to yet another unfamiliar boy. He frowned. She couldn’t have been older than 16. What was she doing?
He knew what she was doing, because he would often glimpse her sneaking away with an older guy. Also, it was hard to ignore the rumors. All the boys in his class would talk about her from time to time. Apparently her name was Megara.
He tasted the name in his mind. It was so sweet, so delicate.
He looked at her for a while longer, before being bumped into by a guy in his class. They weren’t friends. He didn’t have any friends. But this guy would just never leave him alone. Even worse, he would never talk about anything other than the girl he had just been caught staring at.
“Beauty isn’t she?” he laughed as he put a hand on John’s shoulder.
“But under all that she’s a wild horse, I can tell you that,” he whispered and winked at him. As if John would ever even consider sinking to the level of buying a prostitute.
“Fuck off,” John replied mumbling before he pushed the boy’s hand off a little too roughly and walking off. Fresh air; just what he needed.

John was leaning up against the wall close to the College entrance. It was a ridiculously big College, but John never strayed from his favorite place near the entrance. He could see everything from there. The bus stop, the other students laughing with each other, even the girls’ College on the other side of the broken fence. The fence had been broken even before John started College roughly two and a half years ago. He figured they would never bother to fix it.
He recognized a few students from some of his classes, but no one who really interested him. No one ever did.
No one but her, he thought and looked back over the fence. She wasn’t there anymore, so he figured she must have left with the boy from earlier.
The students walking past him didn’t care about him. They barely even noticed him standing there. He meant nothing to them, and they meant nothing to him. They were just humans; Filthy, evil, selfish humans.
He watched as a group of girls walked past him, laughing obnoxiously loud. Not one of them would think twice about stabbing the others in the back. There were no friends in this world. The idea of friends was an illusion. No one cared about each other. They stayed together for company, gossip and protection. Beyond that, they could not care less about each other.
As the group of girls walked by him, he started walking towards the entrance once again. Break time was almost up, and he had to get back to class.

“Hi there John, how are you?” a female teacher asked as he walked past her. As usual he didn’t even look up to answer her, and instead he simply mumbled an ever so slight:
Why they kept talking to him he would never understand. He was a straight A student, and all the teachers seemed to like him very much. It was probably because he was a good student, and quiet during class, which was a lot more than he could say about his other classmates. Still, he had never uttered a word to the teachers, or anyone else for that sake, that wasn’t necessary. He would’ve thought they ought to know he wasn’t going to start being friendly with them now. They were only teachers, there to teach him. They were not his friends, nor would they ever be. He was there to learn, and when he was done he would leave. It was as simple as that.
He looked out the windows he passed once again, wondering how the people down there could look so happy and relaxed. There was nothing happy or relaxed about this world. Had they not seen the evil he had? Had they never felt pain?
Were they still blind to the cruel reality?
He had been wondering this ever since that day. How people could manage to plaster a smile on their face, and seem like nothing was wrong. Everything was wrong.
It was the only thing he could not grasp and understand about these humans. Otherwise they were all the same. Every single one of them. Everyone but her, who was now standing in her usual place, with her usually messed up hair after another adventure with another boy.
It was always the same with her.
And she would always return to her spot.
He despised her like every other human being. She was no better than them. But at the end of the day, when she was standing there alone, and not with a boy, she would always have the same expression. The expression he knew just too well. It was his own expression.
It was an expression of hatred and pain.
Was it possible this girl saw what he saw?
Was it possible they were the same?
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{The Secret Story Revealed; Part 3}
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