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 {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}

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PostSubject: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}   Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:11 am

ooc: a little premise Razz
First thing first, i'm sorry that this FF didn't turn out as i wanted, i wanted it to be beautiful and instead... well, i like the story but i think that i've done something wrong with the style :s
Second, i hope you'll like it anyway
Third, if you'll find the time to read it, please comment, you would make me reeeeeeeeeeally happy <3

A group of boys from the male college was waiting next to the fence of the female college, like every friday. They were six or seven boys, and just one car for all of them, the classic car that a spoilt rich man could buy for his spoilt rich son. They were drinking in turn from a bottle of vodka and smoking some spinels, just talking and trying to be as quiet as possible: everytime that the volume exceded the limit started the "sh!"
And the word that more often was on their lips was just one: Meg.
Meg, Meg, Meg...
"Where is she?"...
"Why is she so in late?"...
"Do you think that she'll come?"...
"I can't wait to see her"...
"I can't wait for something else..."
the laughs, the giggles, the comments on her body, on her 'skills'...
The boys were becoming impatient, and the waited girl still wasn't arrived.
"We can try to call her..."
"Do you know where's her room?"
"Are you crazy, guy? If you call her she'll be descovered, and you we can say bye bye to our special night!"
And so again drinking, smoking, laughing, and talking about her ass, her boobs, her lips...

Meg was on the other part of the fence, hidden by a wall, wearing a short red skirt that didn't arrive to the half of her thigh, a sleveless black top and a black crew-neck and in her hands she was taking a pair of black shoes.

She was an hour in late, but it wasn't her fault, one of the teacher had continued to walk up and down through the corridor where her room was for a long time and she couldn't have escaped before. Now she was there, breathing and waiting to her heart to slow down: she pretended to be brave, to not care about her little escapades but it was a lie. She couldn't help but be worried every time. Because the punishments hurted when she was caught.

Like she always pretended to don't listen the boys's comments about her, to not care, but again, it was only a fake. Because it hurted be considered only a slut, to be known only for her body and for how she was in bed.

Nobody cared about who she really was. Nobody actually cared about her. She knew it. So why was she doing it?
Because at least it was better then be alone.
Because when she was in a group, busy to talk, to joke, to laugh and to smile, she could even forget that it was just a pretending.
Because when the boys's attentions were focalized on her she didn't feel that awful cold in her chest, the sensation to be invisible and unimportant in the world.
Because this was her only chance to don't feel the loneliness…

Gosh, when had started all this?
When had she surrended to the fact that she had to be a slut to have company?
When had she understood that, elsewhere, she was only a ghost in the world?

She had been so happy when she had left home…
She could still remember her first days in the city: the shopping, the streets full of people, the sensation to have reached a new world…
And then the school…
Where everyone knew that she was only a whore's daughter.
How did they knew it?
She never understood.
But it was a mark that she had had since the very beginning in the school.
And because of this the other girls avoided her.
And maliciously teased her.
And the teachers just looked elsewhere.
And she could pretend that it was ok, that she was ok, she could be strong, and reply to the offenses, but inside it hurted. A lot.
She had finally reached a world where other people were around her, and she was still alone.

Until one day she met August and his group: they were some boys from the male side of the school, a couple of years older then her.
Boys like them always tried to get the girls's attentions, but the other girls were to busy to stay in their little groups.
Meg, instead, was alone.
And she wanted so desperately have a friend.
She started to talk with them.
They found a way to make her overcome the fence.
And Meg started to have a group of friends.

She was with them everyday after the lessons, being careful to not be caught.
And it was wonderful.
Talking with them, joking with them, playing with them: she was happy.
She thought that she couldn't be more happy.
Until August kissed her.

Now she couldn't even remember if she had ever loved him, but in that period she really thought it was true love.
So when after a while he wanted more from her she didn't deny it: she was ready to give everything to him.

It was a beautiful period.
She was happy.
And not alone anymore.

Then arrived the summer vacations.
Almost everyone left.
August and the others came back home.
She had to stay.

The summer seemed eternal, but finally the school re-opened.
August and the others came back.
She was so happy to see them again, to see him…
something was changed…

"It was funny with you, Meg, but
you and I
could never be a couple"

Remembering that words still hurted.
He had another girl.
A good one.
A rich one.
Love or not, August broke her heart.

Suddenly even the other boys disappeared.
She was alone again.

But the voices that she opened easily her legs started to run among the boys.
A lot of boys started to call her by the other side of the fence.
WIth sweet phrases or vulgar words.
But all of them wanted just one thing.

When she couldn't stand anymore her loneliness, she overcame the fence and gave to one of them what he wanted.
But more time went more she realized that even doing this, she was alone.
It seemed like nothing could change.

Until the math's teacher Ruthven saw her overcoming the fence after having sex with a guy under a tree.
Luckily he didn't say it to anyone.
But for his silence he wanted something back.
So she started to have sex with him.

Ruthven was a charming man.
He was really different from the young and inexpert boys that she used to go out with.
He was also mature.
And intelligent.
And she…
she had to grow up faster
she could go out with young boys
she could seem a young girl
but inside
she was already a woman
all she needed was a master
and Ruthven was there for it…

She couldn't say to love him, it wasn't true.
But… she was bewitched by him.
He could be so sweet sometimes
And so mean some others.
Violent and tender
Dangerous and safe
And most important, he seemed to understand her better then anyone else.

Didn't matter if what he said hurted,
didn't matter if he made her face that she was just a whore,
she felt like it was just true
he was only making it clear to her.

He became her drug
She hated him but couldn't renounce to him.
He was the first one that made her face the fact that she couldn't hope in any different life.

This lasted almost two years
Until the end of the school.

And when she started to attempt the college, she wasn't anymore the child that have arrived in the city three years before.
On her body 3 years were passed.
In her soul it was passed a century.

She didn't have any hope about the new school.
This time she didn't even try to get on well with her classmates.

The boys found out fastly that she was an easy girl.
But this time she was smart enough to run the show.
She could play with them
And pretend to be the one in control.
She could pretend to be happy to have so many guys at her feet.

But in the end the awful truth was that nothing was changed
and even if surrounded by people
she was still alone.
But at least in group she could fight this sensation
and pretend it wasn't true.

So there she was now, ready to pretend that her life was amazing and it was all she ever wanted.
She breathed one last time, then the sad expression left her face and a cheery smile appeared instead.
It was a fake, but only a careful person should have noticed.

Meg overcame the wall, showing himself to the boys.

"Meg! Meg!"
"Where have you been?"
"What did you do?"
"Why so in late?"

But the girl took worried with a finger her lips "Silence, guy! Silence! Wanna make them find me???"

The boys closed immediatly their mouth, evidently excited to finally see the girl, meanwhile Meg gave the shoes through the fence to one of them and then she started to climb it.
Arrived on the top of the fence, she looked at the one of the boys that seemed to be the leader of the group

"You ready, Alex?"

The boy nodded and Meg jumped from the fence.
The boy took her in his arms in time, and Meg didn't have even the time to breath after it before he pulled his tongue inside her mouth in a violent kiss.
In the same moment she felt a hand slipping under her skirt, she couldn't even say if it was Alex or another one, and then one other hand.
She closed her legs, wriggling annoyed.
When she finally could convince the boy named Alex to let go her mouth, she said in an angry tone

"Ok, stop it, stop it! First drink, then sex. And one by one!"

The boys seemed disappointed and protested but Meg, waring again her shoes, didn't even listened to them

"You're really boring when you're sober, Meg…"

commented Alex.

"So why don't you hurry up and offer me a drink?"

At the idea to go in the pub every boy jumped in the car, Meg waited quiet that everyone had entered, she was the smallest so usually she had to stay on someone's leg.
With a sigh she raised her glance: the corridor of the male school was still illuminated. Suddenly her attention was caught by a blonde, charming boy that was staring at her….
He seemed… angry…
For how long had he stared at her? From where he was, he could even have seen her when she was hidden under the wall…
But why was he staring at her in that way?
Why that angry glance?
He was feeling her feel so unconfortable…
When suddenly Alex called her

"Meg, move your ass!"

Meg sighed and, turning her head away from the blonde guy, she jumped in the car.

John looked at her going away with the group of guys.
As always she wouldn't have come back before morning.
A disgusted expression appreared on his face: how could she pretend in that way?
He saw her glance when she was behind the wall, when she thought that nobody was looking at her.
She seemed so sad and fragile in that moment…
she seemed so similar to him…
but then…
then she was ready to have so many hands on her body, ready to sell herself to the best offerer.
With the same disgusted expression he walked away.
He had to stop to think about that girl...

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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}   Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:48 am

I really really liked this fanfic Ludo *-*
I think you wrote it just right- its easy to make this kind of story show Meg unsympathetically but you managed to make what she did understandable ^^ It was definately worth the wait Smile
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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}   Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:37 am

awwww Dim thanks for comemnting, and thanks for what you said *-*
And, yeah, i try everytime to explain the story looking at why Meg did it, cause what she did is wrong, but there are so deep reasons for it X3
Thanks again <3
And i'll try to be more punctual next time X3
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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:54 am

omg this was the best ever!! I could so feel meg's emotions this was brillant girl!! eeeeeeeek *fan girl scream*
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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}   Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:14 pm

This is the most beautiful FF you have ever written Ludo! *-* Oh, and you pinpointed John's feelings so accuratly! *-*
I would go over it again and quote all the parts I loved the most about the FF, but then I'm afraid I would only be quoting the whole thing xD
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PostSubject: Re: {The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}   

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{The Secret Story Revealed; Part 4}
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