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 Everpresent Pain

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PostSubject: Everpresent Pain    Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:54 pm

It was always there. That pain in her life. Whether it was physical or emotional it didn't matter. It had always been present in her life.

The first pain

It started when her father started training her to become a soldier. A three year old Kida stumbling in overly bulky armor trying to wield a sword. Her father would spar her, unmercifully, cutting her and creating bruises that wouldn't leave her dark skin for weeks. This was her pain, physical, for two years.

The second pain

When she was five, a tsunami hit the little island. As was custom, a sacrifice of noble blood had to be made to make sure a catastrophe like that wouldn't happen soon. The villagers chose Kida's mother. She was killed at sundown, Kida swore she saw her mother's soul rise up to heaven. This was her second pain, emotional. It didn't leave her until she was ten.

The third pain

The years between her mother's death and her acceptance into the army at the tender age of ten were full of hardship for the young Kida. Her father, saddened by the loss of his wife, often beat Kida for her resemblance to the deceased queen. He would try to maintain the young girl out of his sight, the slightest sign of her long white hair sending him into fits of rage.

The fourth pain

When Kida was eleven she faced her first war. The young girl had matured from the first time she had wielded a sword. Her muscles finely sculpted and tensed to fight. Her mind calculating the best routes of escape in case things became too much. The pride for her country swirled within the young girl as she was painted with the war colors and put on her warrior mask. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Kida couldn't handle the stress of war at that age and ran away from the cries of her dying people. This pain was different from others she had had before. It was the pain called guilt. She had abandoned her people and hidden, only to come out once she thought it was safe.

The fifth pain

Kida grew. She was abused by her father until the age of sixteen. That year, her father saw her and was stunned by the beauty his daughter had become. She looked like her mother, for once he didn't find any rage overcome when he looked at her, only lust. Her father thought of her, not as somebody who reminded him of the dead queen, but the dead queen herself. At this point he had already lost his mind. He forced himself on Kida and married her, making her queen of the country. Kida had a friend, though, Milo. She loved him and they had sex but Milo decided it would be best for them to stay friends. Messing with the wife of the king was considered treason. Kida was brokenhearted and condemned to a life of incest.

The sixth pain

Just a few months, and several sex buddies, later Kida was raped by Phoebus. She was left broken and forgotten in a forest by the lake. Her clothes strewn around her. She didn't know him, hoped to never have to meet him again. It hurt her so much. All of the other times she had had sex, she'd been willing. This felt as if her choice didn't matter.

The seventh pain

Not long after Phoebus had ravished her body, less than a week, Kida was kidnapped. She was put in a room with the red-head Ariel, the love of her life. For once in her life, she was happy. She was free from the ghosts of her past. That is, until, She cheated on Ariel with Sinbad. One thing led to another, Kida was put in a room with Phoebus and Ariel was put with Sinbad. While Kida was nearly raped and fainted from loss of blood, Ariel and Sinbad were having sex. Ariel fell in love with Sinbad. Kida felt so lost, so heartbroken. She couldn't move on and the feeling of worthlessness has stayed with her since.

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PostSubject: Re: Everpresent Pain    Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:54 am

omg Kida!!!! awwwww!!!!!! *hugs* this was so sad
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Everpresent Pain
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