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 A moonless night.

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PostSubject: A moonless night.   Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:17 am

(Yeah, this is a poetic tittle XD)

A church. An immense and magnificent church, getting loose on the black sky of a moonless night. Eric moved forward to the wooden door. This church seemed familiar. But where from? He would not have known how to say. Holding out the hand towards the door, this one opened of her even. Eric hesitated. A kind of prefeeling, violent but subtle, warned him that a danger waited for him in this church. He was going to move back when a shout, a horrible shout, tore the air. Eric congealed. The shout rings again, more violent than before. He threw himself forward.
But the door closed violently, and he began striking the wood, up to the blood.
She shouted, roared, violently, her shout becoming less and less strong, less and less human.
Then she stops. Eric stopped striking the door henceforth stained with blood. In a shy sound, the door gave up. Eric moved forward, pushing the door. And he congealed.
The altar dripped with blood. Lengthened on the altar, straight from the stone, opened mouth, opened eyes, white dress. And blood. The violent and red blood. The horribly violent and murderous blood. The sacrifice.
And the fair man in the smile of false.

Eric began convulsing on the ground. Violently. His fists squeezed up, his jaws also. Inaudible rustles escaped from his lips and tears ran on his cheeks.
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A moonless night.
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