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 { Banner Contest ~ FINAL ROUND ~ }

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PostSubject: { Banner Contest ~ FINAL ROUND ~ }   Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:20 pm


{ Kenai Vs. Jasmine }

Ready for the last and hardest round so far? This round will give away 20 fame points to the winner as well as the grand prize of a month's safety!

No, not as in presents, though you could include that as well. The basic point of this round is to focus on one character and show his or her wishes and dreams coming true. This would be AU, and you will have to find a way to show that this is AU, for example putting it in black and white, blur, glow or something similar while having the character in focus up front without a black/white, blur, glow etc. THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION AND DOES NOT NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED! I do not want to see anything superficial. I want to see the characters true feelings and true wishes from their hearts being shown!
As I said, this should be the hardest round so far!

You can interpret your theme however you want. The only rule is to find a way to make those themes relevant to 10 Doors. You are also allowed to do the opposite. Instead of water, lack of water? Instead of nature, lack of nature? ANYTHING is allowed. If you are wage with your theme all you have to do is create an explaination above your banner in the gallery telling me why you have chosen to make your banner this way and what your idea was behind it. For additional rules which apply to all rounds see:


{ DEADLINE: 15th of December! }
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{ Banner Contest ~ FINAL ROUND ~ }
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