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 Anya's Sin part 1

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PostSubject: Anya's Sin part 1   Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:54 am

Original Author: Anya
Russia 1922: Anya is ten.

Anya could hear her father stomping around upstairs, drunk the sound of crashing bottle and furniture rang in her ears. Suddenly he came pounding down the stairs "Why are you still awake!" he roared and slapped her across her face. Before Anya could respond someone pounded on the door. Several men in uniform came crashing through. Two men grabbed her father and pinned him down while another on grabbed Anya. When Anya tried to struggle the man said in a calming voice "It's ok Anya we're not going to hurt you we're going to take you someplace safe." be continued
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Anya's Sin part 1
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