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 Strings | Jane's Past Part 2 (Feat. Cale, Korso, and Meg)

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PostSubject: Strings | Jane's Past Part 2 (Feat. Cale, Korso, and Meg)   Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:48 pm

[[ooc sorry it's so long. I really got into it... also I couldn't wait to write part 2 guys! I hope you enjoy. Don't worry me and Odette talked this over. ^^ ]]

Sex and roses. Sex and roses. That’s all Jane smelled on him when he came home to her every night. He insisted it was nothing, but Jane had first discovered that smell the night of their honeymoon. At first she believed that he wasn’t cheating on her, but after that smell kept appearing on his clothes, in their bedroom, in their bed… She began to suspect that he no longer loved her.

One night Cale left. Jane slipped on the shortest, most low-cut dress she owned. He had bought it for her, and she had never worn it. That just wasn’t her style. Jane’s style was sweet… romantic. Sexy just wasn’t in her wardrobe.

It was tonight. She sprayed vanilla musk behind her ears (she had read that it drove men crazy… she would have to figure that out tonight) and pulled her long brown hair back into a sweeping updo.

She looked classy, but sexy… She wondered if this was proper attire for a bar. She decided? Yes.

She grabbed a black clutch purse and slipped black heels on to her tiny feet, caught the bus and followed Cale downtown.

She knew his favourite bars, favourite hideouts. She tried the bar on Main Street first. Just one block over from the café where they had first met. She tried her best to walk seductively into the room, and it worked.

She had never channeled such a vibe, and she knew men were looking at her. She hoped Cale was here. What luck. She saw him in the corner, chatting, much to close, to a skanky looking brown haired woman.

Jane’s cheeks heated with anger, but she would not explode. She was already going out of her comfort zone in this dress, she uncomfortably pulled the bottom down and tried her best to strut over to the counter.

“Margarita.” She told the bartender, who nodded and busied himself making her a drink. She glanced over her shoulder at Cale and the hooker. She certainly was pretty, and Jane wondered if this was the woman who’s scent was all over their bed sheets.

As she sipped her drink, she winced. Alcohol and her were not the best of friends, she longed for some tea but blinked twice and took another sip. She looked again at Cale. She felt as though she were stalking, but she was his wife she had every right to follow him.

Jane felt spiteful. She wanted to do something to get back at him… but it wasn’t in her. She couldn’t. She wanted to walk over to them, crying, pleading for Cale to come home. She instead turned around, and stared straight ahead. Her back to him.

She wasn’t the type for revenge. But as she was trying to figure out what to do, the bartender placed a drink down in front of her. “White Russian.” The man said in a deep voice, “It’s from that man down there.” The bartender gestured to a man down the counter, Jane followed his gaze and spotted a man, at least twenty years older than her. He gave her a handsome half-smile and a small wave.

“I ... but I couldn’t I'm marri-” Jane stopped, and with determination pulled the wedding ring off her finger and dropped it into her purse. If Cale wasn’t married right now, neither was she. Two could play at this game.

“Tell him thank you.” Jane turned to him and gave a small, sly smile. She raised her glass with a small wink and took a sip.

A few minutes later he got up and sauntered over to her. “Is this seat taken?” He asked in a gruff, but handsome voice.

“Be my guest.” Jane smiled and looked him up and down. Older yes, but completely gorgeous. She shot a glance toward Cale out the corner of her eye, he still hadn’t noticed her.

“So… May I ask you your name? I don’t like taking drinks from strangers.” Jane raised an eyebrow and took another sip of the drink.

“Joe Korso.” He smiled and placed his hand on her thigh, “What’s a pretty lady like you doing out here all alone? It’s a rough neighbourhood… I think you need some company.” He slid his hand up along her thigh, and Jane shivered.

She felt so guilty, this was so wrong! She loved Cale, even if he didn’t love her. But Cale was still deep in conversation with the dark haired beauty and… they kissed! Jane was furious.

“I like company… especially from tall handsome men such as yourself.” She responded, leaning towards him, looking into his eyes.

Korso tilted his head and with a dashing grin he kissed her hand. “Then it is my pleasure.”

The two talked, they laughed, and drank. Jane looked at Cale, somehow he had still not seen her. Then Jane formed a plan, the bathroom was near his table.

Korso had just finished a story, and Jane smiled. “Will you excuse me for a minute?” She got up, “Will you be here when I get back?”

“Who would leave a pretty thing like you?” Korso leaned back and spread out his arms. “I’ll be right here… but when you get back… what do you say we cut out of here?”

Not responding Jane just gave him a small, sly smile and raised her eyebrow. Then she turned toward the bathroom. She walked in, and looked at the mirror.

The pit in her stomach felt awful. She was cheating on Cale! She shook her head, reapplied red lipstick and turned to leave the powder room. She was the lady in red, and she would make Cale see her.

She purposefully walked right next to his table, she swung her hips, she knew her legs looked good in this dress.

“Jane?” She heard his voice now, but she ignored him and continued back to Korso.

“I thought about it.” Jane whispered into Korso’s ear as she came up from behind him, “And I say your place because mine is a mess.” She purred into his ear, he stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Sounds good to me baby.” He returned her purr right back.

“Jane!” She heard Cale again, he was right by them. Then quickly Jane pulled Korso’s head to her face and kissed him. Hard.

‘How does it feel now?” Her thoughts were angry, and she wanted to look at Cale.

“What the hell is this?” Cale was up next to them now. “Hey asshole get your hands off my fucking wife!” Korso turned around and Cale swung a punch.

“Your wife? Weren’t you in the corner with that hooker?” Korso dodged Cale’s fist with ease. “She doesn’t seem to like you much.” He said smoothly as he pushed Cale down to the ground.

“Fuck you!” Cale sprang up and swung another punch. Jane felt the tears starting to run down her face. She felt so guilty!

“Stop it Cale! Just stop it!” She got in between the two men.

“Dammit Cale!” She yelled, “You can do it why can’t I?” She stepped towards him.

“Is that the woman you’ve been seeing every night? Or is she just someone new?” She stepped towards him again and shoved her hands into his shoulders.

“How does it feel when you see the person you love kissing someone else?” Her voice was rising to hysterics and then she punched him in the nose.

Korso pulled her back from him as Cale sprung up to hit her. “You stupid bitch!” He yelled out, another strong man came up from behind Cale and dragged him back.

“I never loved you anyway!” He yelled at her. There were a few beats of silence. The entire bar was staring at them.
Then she broke down. “Cale.” She squirmed out of Korso’s grasp.

“Baby.” Cale pushed the man off of him, they both ran toward each other and he picked her up. She was crying, “I’m sorry baby… I’m sorry.” He buried his face in her neck.

Jane could only sob. “I won’t do it again. I promise.” He put her down, and slid his hand around her waist. “Let’s go home… Janey let’s go.” Tears fell down Jane’s cheeks. “Okay Cale.” She was relived, she had him back. All she wanted was Cale back.

They strode, out of the bar, all eyes on them. “Hey baby, that dress looks bad… I’d rather see it on the ground.” He purred and Jane wrapped herself tighter against him willing him to never leave her again.

She knew he would… But she couldn’t resist him. She wanted his lips, his hands, his body… She would get pregnant. She grinned at the notion, having Cale’s baby. If she got pregnant he wouldn’t leave her… Then they would go back to how it was in the old days, when they first fell in love. A piece of him and a piece of her to care for.

Yes. A baby was a good idea. But she wouldn’t tell him. Not yet.
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Strings | Jane's Past Part 2 (Feat. Cale, Korso, and Meg)
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