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 {Fanfic Contest: Final Round AU} Photo Album

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PostSubject: {Fanfic Contest: Final Round AU} Photo Album   Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:45 am

An eighteen-year-old Cinderella laughed
as she laid on the bed, running her fingers through her blonde hair.
Her other hand was holding a phone that was pressed to her ear.

“So,” She said, into the phone as
she turned over on her stomach. “What was her response?”

She listened to the person on the phone
talking and laughed a little. “Well, that's not a shock; you are
treating her as if you were her father instead of her brother.”

Hey, I'm a caring brother looking
out for his little sister.”

The male voice, on the other end, stated.

overprotective.” Cinderella muttered, with a smile. “She's got to
have some freedom.” She said, before there was a knock on her
bedroom door.

on, John.” She said, before turning to the door. “Yes?”

mother opened the door and stepped in. She smiled at her daughter.
“Talking to your John?”

nodded with a smile. “Yes, he's complaining about his sister
growing up.”

laughed a little. “Like how your father complains about you growing

much.” She said, sitting up.

mother nodded. “What time is he coming over for your date?”

told me earlier between five and six.” She answered, before turning
back to the phone. “You said between five and six, right?”

heard John chuckle a little on the other end. “Yeah,
around there.”

She said to her mother, nodding. “Between five and six.”

Her mother began, placing a hand on her chin. “Well, that's odd...
Because there's a young blonde man downstairs that your father and I
have been talking to for the past hour... I wonder... Does John have
a twin?” She asked, in a fake confused tone.

eyes widened for a moment before narrowing at the phone. “You mean
to tell me that John
has been here for the past hour?”
She said, hearing a loud laughter from the phone and from down
stairs, making an echo sound.

Looks like I've been found out,
John said, on the other
end, to her father. Both men laughed.

hung up the phone, shaking her head, while smiling. Her mother

along, dear, your John is waiting.” Her mother said, smiling, as
she opened the door more.

stood up from the bed and slipped her shoes on. “Do I look all
right?” She asked, turning to her mirror.

mother laughed at her actions. “You know you look perfect in
anything in his eyes, Cinderella. Now, come on, you don't need to
keep him waiting.” She said, coming to her daughter and wrapping an
around the younger woman's shoulders.

smiled as she walked with her mother out of the room. “Yeah, I
know, but John said we were going somewhere special today... I don't
want to be over dressed or under dressed. I hate it when he doesn't
give me a hint on at least what to wear.”

laughed. “Oh, I'm sure you'll have fun where ever you go.” She
answered as they walked down the stairs.

they entered the sitting room, both Johns stood up. Cinderella's
mother always teased her daughter of her falling in love with a man
with the same first name as her father.

smiled when she saw the blonde haired man that she loved. She walked
over to him and hugged tightly.

laughed as he kissed the top of her head, hugging her back. “Hey,

smiled at the nickname and looked up at him, giving him a little kiss
on the lips. “So, where are going again?” She asked, acting as if
he had told her before and that she had merely forgotten.

laughed in response. “You'll see when we get there, but first, I
have something for you.” He said, letting her go. He went back over
to where he had been sitting.

no, you didn't.” Cinderella responded, with a slight frown. “You
know you don't have to get me anything; you shouldn't waste your
money on me, especially seeing as there isn't a reason too.”

laughed at her usual response of when he bought her gifts at random.
“Well,” He said, turning to her with a medium sized box with
wrapping paper and a bow. “Let's just say there is a reason this
time.” He said, with a wink as he handed her the box.

blinked curiously at him as she took the box. She sat down on the
couch and unwrapped the box as John sat down beside her and her
parents moved behind the couch to see the gift, giving each other
knowing smiles that were unseen by their daughter.

opened the box and smiled. “Aww, a photo album?” She asked, as
she pulled the photo album out. She opened it and smiled at the
pictures held in it.

of dates and moments between her and John. Most of the pictures were
of her, some of both of them, and a few of him. The pictures of John
were not as good as the pictures of her, because John was the
professional photographer of the couple.

took the pictures of us?” She asked, after looking at all of the
pictures of the moments and dates they had been on, not remembering
posing with him for a lot of pictures.

I have some friends that I paid to take our pictures.” John said,

laughed. “So, you paid your friends to stalk us on our dates?”

much. Now, keep going.” He said, ushering her to continue looking
through the album.

narrowed her eyes at him with a smile. “Okay, what else could be in
here?” She muttered, smiling, as she turned the page.

next page was a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

looked up at him, confused, earning a smile from him.

put his arm around her, moving closer to her as he pointed to the
picture. “See, these next few pages are of places I want to take
you one day.” He said, turning the page.

next pictures were of famous places almost all over the world. She
smiled as John explained where he wanted to take her and what they
could do while there.

He said, lifting one finger. “There is one place I would like to
take you first before any of these places...” He said, before
turning another page.

picture was of a church.

church?” She asked, looking at the picture, not really feeling John
move from her side.

looked up to see him knelling in front of her, holding much smaller
box in his hand. Her breath caught in her throat.

look in his beautiful blue eyes made her weak as he opened the box to
reveal a ring.

will you marry me?” He asked, softly, but full of seriousness.

A grin
appeared on her face. “Yes... Yes!” She said, setting the photo
album aside on the couch, before practically leaping at him to hug
him. Once she reached his arms, he picked her up and spun her around
as she kept saying “Yes!” over and over again.

filled her body as he spun her, both of them laughing in joy.

her spun her around a few times in joy, he set her down and placed
the ring on her finger. She looked at the ring on her left ring
finger, smiling.

It was
white-gold with a blue sapphire sparkling brightly in it. “Oh,
John, it's beautiful!” She said, before kissing him.

pulled her closer as they kissed, wanting to feel the warmth of her
body. When they pulled apart, he placed his forehead on hers,
smiling. “I love you, Cindy.”

She smiled at him. “I love
you too, John.” She said, before kissing his lips again and then
hugging him.

Mr. Smith.” Her father said, acting formal. He walked over to the
younger couple. “You better take care of our little girl and if you
ever hurt her, remember, I am a lawyer, which means I can keep you in
jail for a long time.”

Smith looked at John David with a serious expression. “Mr. David, I
would never hurt Cindy.” He said, before looking down at the woman
in his arms. He stroked her cheek as she smiled up at him. “I'll do
whatever I can to take care of her. I'll never hurt her; I would
rather hurt myself then hurt her.”

David smiled. “I know.” He said, walking up to him. He held out
his hand. “Welcome to the family, John, officially, that is.” He
said, smiling at the younger man.

Smith smiled as he shook his future father-in-laws hand, while
keeping one arm around Cinderella. “Thank you, John.” Cinderella
and her mother snickered a little at them when they said each others'

walked up to the couple. “Welcome to the family.” She said, as
Cinderella moved out of the way as her mother hugged her fiancée.

smiled at that word as she looked down at her engagement ring.

mother turned to her as they began planning out the wedding.

the years passed, more photo albums were filled with pictures moments
forever captured in time.

of the wedding, pictures of the couple on their honeymoon, traveling
the world, pictures of Cinderella with an ever growing stomach that
held a new life, pictures of their little girl, Angel, growing up and
getting married to young man named Aaron, pictures of their
grandchildren, and pictures of them living out the rest of their
lives happy and full of love.
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PostSubject: Re: {Fanfic Contest: Final Round AU} Photo Album   Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:44 am

Cinderella wrote:
Smith looked at John David with a serious expression. “Mr. David, I
would never hurt Cindy.” He said, before looking down at the woman
in his arms. He stroked her cheek as she smiled up at him. “I'll do
whatever I can to take care of her. I'll never hurt her; I would
rather hurt myself then hurt her.”[/font]

I'm guessing somewhere along the way John just stopped and thought to himself:
"To hell with that promise o.e"

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{Fanfic Contest: Final Round AU} Photo Album
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