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 A Bad Boy's Heart [WARNING: Sexual Content]

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PostSubject: A Bad Boy's Heart [WARNING: Sexual Content]   Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:53 am

Original Author: Villian

The villain smiled slightly and took 3 more careful steps in her direction.
- So you finally got out of there, huh?
She smiled back in a seductive way and said in a low, sexy voice:
- Stone walls and chains can’t keep me locked up baby, you should know that much by now.
Oh, how he had longed for this moment, when he could finally hold her in his arms… stroke her bare skin… run his fingers through her hair and feel her warm kisses over his body. For the first time since he had first laid his eyes on her, she was in control, not him. The tables had turned and surprisingly, he liked it.
- So I guess handcuffs are out of the question then? he joked.
She smiled at him again. Those warm, red lips he would have died for. That seductive smile that could make any man stop in his tracks.
She came closer and laid her hand on his shoulder. The first time she had ever touched him, and he could feel his heart beating faster. She smelled better than he could have ever imaged her to smell. He had waited for this, longed for this, yet he could have never prepared for what she did to him only by touching his shoulder. Thinking about what lied ahead he started trembling.
She knew she was in control now, and she liked it. He could tell by her cocky smile, her eyes that could see right through him and the way she laid her arms over his shoulders and pulled him closer for a kiss. Or at least he thought she was going to kiss him. Instead she put her lips to his ear and whispered:
- Are you scared…?
He couldn’t take it anymore. He had to have her. He needed her body. He grabbed what little clothing she had on and pulled her closer until her whole body was touching his. His hands trailed her short nightgown before he ripped it off impatiently.
- Oh dear… didn’t your mother ever teach you manners? she teased him with the same sly smile on her lips.
- Kiss me, he begged.
She did what she was told. She knew that even though she was in control now, that wouldn’t last forever, and he could just as easily put her back in her room.
She gently kissed his lips, before she realized “gently” would never be enough to satisfy his growing desire. She bit down on his lower lip while she carefully rubbed his topless chest.
- I want you so bad, he moaned.
She let out a quiet laugh and pushed him towards the big king-sized bed in the room.
- Better sit down bad boy, it’s time for me to punish you.
He did as he was told, but quickly pulled her down with him. She was sitting on his lap now. Legs wrapped around his back, her lips only inches away from his. He had never thought it was possible to desire another human being this much, but there he was, wanting her more than the air he breathed.

Shock was obvious in his eyes as the realization hit him. He wanted her. Not only her body, but all of her. Her fierce attitude, her charming smile, her slim features and… the warm heart he knew she had…
- Is something wrong baby? she asked as she picked up on his shocked expression.
- I… he started.
She looked at him with those dark, mysterious eyes, waiting for his reply.
- I love you Megara…
For once she was speechless. For once she forgot to hide her confusion. It was dead obvious on her face, and he could only imagine the same shocked expression on his own face.

He woke up in his room. Alone. The dream had felt so real, it was a disappointment not to see her face on his pillow. He put his head in his hands and sighed. Then he got up, walked slowly over to the monitors and looked up on the face he had just dreamt about. She sat alone on her bed. To the untrained eye she would’ve looked bored, but he could see the sorrow in her eyes. He had spent way too many days looking at her not to pick up on such things. He instantly felt a sting of guilt.

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A Bad Boy's Heart [WARNING: Sexual Content]
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