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 Cody's Dream

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PostSubject: Cody's Dream   Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:02 am

Cody slowly closed his eyes. He drifted off quickly into his dreams.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a jungle. He was all alone. Cody started running forward passing tree by tree. Where was his mother? Where was Lilo? Where was everyone? How did he end up here? Cody just kept running. He had to find his mother. he had to find someone. As he gotten further and further into the jungle, he was greeted by a jaguar standing on a boarder. The jaguar has a greedy grin on it's face. It leaped off the rock and landed in front of Cody. "Greetings." It spoke. It sounded like the villain inside a jaguar's body. It walked closer to Cody. Cody didn't know if he should run or hide. But probably hear what the jaguar say something.

"I'll give you a test Cody. You have three minutes to find your mother. If you find her, you can both go home, if not, I'll kill you." Oh great! He's even mean like the villain. Without thinking what to do, Cody started running. He looked around as he ran. "Mom?.......Mom?.........Where are you?" Cody called out in the jungle. He was running out of time. And he hasn't find his mother yet. he ran further and further into the darkest parts of the jungle. He called out again. "MOM!........where are you?"

"Time's running out Cody," The villain's voice was speaking to him. Why couldn't he see his face? Where did he go? Why can't he find his mother? As he was running and didn't pay attention, he bumped into a huge stone wall. The pressure knocked him down to the ground. Cody looked above him. There was no way around this stone wall. He was trapped. Cody got up from the ground and turned around to face the jaguar again. "Time's up Cody." The jaguar transformed into a human body. It was John, the villain. he held a knife over him. And then John threw the knife straight at Cody......

Cody woke up with a gasp. He found himself save on the bed. His mother was there. She held onto him as she was sleeping. It was all a dream. A horrible dream. Cody cuddled close to his mother feeling the warmness. He was happy that she was save.......
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Cody's Dream
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