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 Fanfic Contest 2: ~ORDINARY DAY~ : Shimmering bubbles

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PostSubject: Fanfic Contest 2: ~ORDINARY DAY~ : Shimmering bubbles   Fri Oct 14, 2011 9:03 am

(OOC: I hope it's not too late to post it. And! The whole world for an idea! >.<)

Lilo stood in front of the mirror. She didn't know why she stopped brushing her teeth, but she kept staring into her own reflection. Something changed. But what? Her hair? Her eyes? She tilted her head. Nothing she could see, that's for sure. Maybe a weird feeling? She slowly continued brushing her teeth, but stopped suddenly. The mirror was awry! She reached out her hands and straightened out the cold mirror. The little girl finished her morning toilet and smirked a last time to her mirror image. Then she turned around and left the bathroom.

With almost a foot on the stairs she turned around again and entered the bathroom. There was still something wrong. She straightened the mirror again and looked around in the room. Some wet towels lay down on the floor. She frowned. Who the hell? It was him, for sure. Such an unclean man. Lilo sighed. She took the wet towels from the floor and put them in the box for unclean clothes. Everything alright now? She looked around again, stuck out her tongue to her reflection and ran downstairs to the kitchen.

“Good Night!”

A beautiful woman turned around to her. “Good Night sweet.”, she smiled at Lilo, but then frowned. “Did you take a bath, sweet?”

The little girl tilted her head and thought. Then she shook her head. Slowly. She was sure, there was something important she forgot, but she couldn't remember.

“Then hurry up, dear.”

Lilo ran back upstairs into the bath. Now… What to do? She started to tidy up her own compartment in the cabinet. She looked around again. What else to do?

“Lilo? I didn't hear the water!”

She startled back. Crap! She almost forgot! Lilo turned on the hot water in the bathtub and put some red bath additive in it. The little girl searched for some nice toys and giggled as she saw the shining bubbles. They were getting more and more. She bit her lip. Maybe she added a bit too much bath additive to the water. Lilo giggled again. She loved bubbles, so it doesn’t really matter. She turned off the warm water and took off her dress. The little girl climbed slowly into the bathtub with the warm water and shimmering bubbles. The bubbles surrounded her fast. She laughed. Lilo blew into the shimmering bubbles. They flew all around her. Her smile grew bigger and bigger.

“Lilo! Lilo hurry up!”

She frowned. Now she was already sitting in the bath and should hurry? Lilo pouted. The dark-haired girl wanted more time. Her glance fell on the mirror. She hit her head. A memory of shining bubbles and a happy feeling appeared. Some wet towels on the floor. She already took a bath! Lilo started laughing out loud.

“You still enjoying your bath, sweet?”, the beautiful dark-haired woman stood in the door and smiled at her. “Time to go to bed!”

Lilo nodded, still smiling about herself. Tzipporah took her on her arms and carried her in her bed.

“Sleep well, my lovely one.”
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Fanfic Contest 2: ~ORDINARY DAY~ : Shimmering bubbles
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