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 [Fanfic Contest Round 2] Topic: An ordinary event ~ Healing the wounds after a fight

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PostSubject: [Fanfic Contest Round 2] Topic: An ordinary event ~ Healing the wounds after a fight   Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:42 am

It was late. The stars were already shining bright on the night sky side by side with the moon. The sound of a barking dog echoed in the night. But it was soon to be disrupted.
“I told you it was a fucking accident,” Sinbad yelled. Cinderella looked up at him. She was sitting on the floor, holding the swaths of the broken plate in her hand. “It’s always an accident, isn’t it,” she said in a despondent, yet angry tone. She looked down as she continued to collect more of the swaths.
“Tell your stupid dog to not get in the way all the time,” he yelled towards her back. He breathed heavily from all the yelling. “That’s it. I’m going out,” he said annoyed as he turned around. Cinderella didn’t answer. It happened all the time, so she was used to it by now.

Sinbad stood in front of the pub. If Meg was free that night, then she was most likely to be there. He rarely had an appointment, because seeing her was often a spontaneous decision. Often after a fight. It was a little more expensive without an appointment, but he didn’t care. It was not like they were low on money.
As he walked in, a blond girl came to him. She put her hands on his waist as she moved closer to him. “Do you want some fun tonight, sir?” she asked in a seducing voice. Sinbad looked at her for a little while before he removed her hands. “I’m here to see Meg,” he said coherent. It was evident that he had come to see Meg and no one else.
“Oh,” the girl exclaimed disappointed, “Meg’s over there,” she said, not trying to persuade him further. It was clear that he wasn’t in the mood for anything else, so she didn’t even bother trying.
“Thanks,” he mumbled before he walked in the direction the blond girl had shown him. It didn’t take him long to find Meg. She was sitting on a couch, flirting with a middle-aged man.
“Uhm… Meg,” Sinbad said gently when he was within hearing distance. Meg looked up as she heard someone say her name. She smiled at him for a moment before she turned to the middle-aged man again. “Sorry, I gotta go,” she said and clapped the man’s cheek. Sinbad could see the confused, disappointed look on the man’s face as Meg walked away from him.
Meg walked over to Sinbad and put her arms around his neck. “Hey lovely boy. It’s nice to see you again,” she said and moved closer. “I’ve missed you, Meg,” he said before he leaned into her kiss.
“Is the usual room fine?” she asked when she had broken the kiss. Sinbad nodded. “That’d be perfect.” He waited for her while she went to get the key for the room. He noticed that the middle-aged man from before was staring at him. Sinbad laughed slightly for himself and shook his head.
After a while Sinbad felt a hand glide across his stomach. He turned his head and saw Meg waving a key in front of him. “Shall we get going?” she asked with a smirk.
When they arrived in the room, Meg locked the door and put the key on the table next to it. Then she walked over to Sinbad. Seductively she pushed him towards the bed. When Sinbad felt the bed against his legs, he let himself fall down on it, dragging Meg with him.
It didn’t matter what had happened during the day. Whenever he was with Meg, he forgot everything else. Everything else seemed so pointless, so far away. As if it didn’t even exist in that moment. All that existed in that moment was him and Meg. Their bodies tangled together. His breathing became faster in time with hers. In that moment he felt happy.
He lost his self control when he was with her. He felt like he was living for that moment alone. He knew it wouldn’t last forever. That sooner or later he’d have to leave again, go home to Cinderella. But in that moment he made himself believe that the night would never go.

{OOC: An ordinary day in Sinbad's life before he was kidnapped.}
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[Fanfic Contest Round 2] Topic: An ordinary event ~ Healing the wounds after a fight
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