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 [[FANFIC CONTEST - Round 2]] Ordinary day..Or was it?

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PostSubject: [[FANFIC CONTEST - Round 2]] Ordinary day..Or was it?   Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:48 am

Pocahontas walked slowly to her father, letting the tears fall down her cheeks. His eyes was full of shock of how she looked. When she got closer to him she spoke, “Father..” She whispered, “It’s me..”

He didn’t look away from Pocahontas. It took him a while before he hugged her suddenly, “Pocahontas, my Poca your back!” He pushed away slightly, looking at his daughter. His eyes stopped at the scars she had, “What happened to you? WHO DID THIS!?”

Pocahontas stared at him, “I was kidnapped. By a man name John, he kidnapped people because of their sins. And tortured us and killed so many people. He had tortured me..He tortured Sweet to..”

He stared at his daughter, seeing the fear and pain in her eyes. He hugged her once again, “Your home now..I won’t let anyone harm you again..”

Pocahontas smiled, walking with her father to her tent. She laughed, letting her friend Nakoma wash her up. The smile stayed on Pocahontas’s face. She was happy to be back..
“I’m glad your back Pocahontas, I really missed you.” Nakoma brushed her hair.

“I’m glad I’m back..”

“What was it like it there?” Nakoma had to ask, her thoughts her all over the place.

Pocahontas turned to her, “It was horrible, I saw so many people die...It...Wasn’t pleasant, especially if your best friend died there...There was too many deaths..Too many torture..Nakoma It was scary. I never want to see that man again...”

“I’m sorry Pocahontas..I..I shouldn’t have asked..”

“It’s okay Nakoma, I might need to talk about it later so I won’t be in fear for all my life.”
Nakoma smiled, nodding at her, hugging her best friend.

Later that day..

Pocahontas stood in the cornfield, picking the corn. She was happy to be home again, her eyes gazed up to the sky. The blue sky was brighter than ever. She never wanted to leave again. Pocahontas smiled at the children that ran passed her. Her eyes went back to the corn that she was picking, picking it softly so she wouldn’t break it. Her basket was finally full. She picked it up and put it on her head. She situated herself, balancing the basket on her head. When she got to the meadow, her eyes gleamed. Pocahontas had missed this meadow. Walking further down the meadow she came to a stop. The green grass was covered in blood. She lowered the basket to her waist, walking slower through the bloody grass. Her eyes gazed up, seeing up ahead the blood was even thicker. She started to run towards it, hoping it would go away that she was just hallucinating. Pocahontas stopped, dropping the basket as she saw a body full of blood. She looked closer at the body, turning it over. It was Nakoma, her throat had been slit. And she had bruises all over her body. She covered her mouth, running further in the bloody grass. Her eyes stopped, seeing all the bodies that laid in the meadow. Her eyes were gazing at all the bodies, she started to shake. She jumped when a man ran to her; he had cuts all over his body. The blood poured out of them..

“The...Village...Was...Attacked…Your father’s dead..You have to get out of here..Run Pocahontas RUN GET OUT OF HERE!” He screamed, falling to the ground in his own puddle of blood.

Her eyes widened, looking up at her village, turning around as she started to run the other direction. Everywhere her villagers laid in their own blood. She kept running, hoping she could find help. SHE NEEDED HELP!

“Please, let there be another village!” She ran into the forest. She didn’t stop, wanting to make sure she would be safe before she would stop. Pocahontas kept running faster and faster, not looking back. She wasn’t going to be tortured ever again. And this time she was going to get help.

Two hours later.

Pocahontas stopped, reaching at another village. The villagers helped her calm down, and they seemed to recognize her. She was breathing hard, “Please..I need help..My village has been attacked…My villagers have been killed..My father..The chef..” She started to cry, not liking the fact she was on the run again…

“We’ll take you to our Chef, you two shall talk.” The female brought her to their chef.
The man stood there in his white hood.

“I need your help…My Village has been attack. My father the chef has been killed, please let me stay in this village..”

The man didn’t turn around, he only spoke, “You may stay as long as you want Pocahontas.” The man turned around, his hood hiding his face, but not his voice.

Pocahontas jumped, backing up, “John? Wait, no..YOU WERE KILLED BY ALL OF US! NO! YOUR JUST PLAYING A JOKE ON ME.”

John smirked, take off his hood, the landscape started to turn back to into one of the stoned wall rooms, “It’s not a joke..And how DARE you think you killed me..”

Pocahontas shook her head, stopping when she saw Thrax, Jasmine, Eric and Dimitri on the ground..They were dead; they had been cut all over. With the writings that said: THIS IS YOUR FAULT! She screamed, backing up and when she backed up..Everyone showed up on the floor dead.

Odette hanged from the wall, her eyes were gorged out.

Cindy laid on the floor, her heart had been ripped out..

Snow White was against the wall, pinning by the knives that held her to the wall.
There were so many people that had been killed, and the deaths were horrible looking, “This..This is a dream!” She screamed.

John smirked, laughing, “It’s not a dream..It’s real..Just. Like. Me!” He stabbed her in the back fast.

Pocahontas closed her eyes, screaming loud, blacking out.

When Pocahontas opened her eyes, she was back in room 10. Her eyes scanned the room..Nothing had changed, and there was no sign she had ever escaped..It wasn’t real, and her eyes were open the whole time.

It was all a hallucination..
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PostSubject: Re: [[FANFIC CONTEST - Round 2]] Ordinary day..Or was it?   Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:12 am

o-e why does my death have to be the most gruesome? XD Anyway loved it!! Good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: [[FANFIC CONTEST - Round 2]] Ordinary day..Or was it?   Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:56 am

Oh goodness! I love this so much! Great job, darling Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [[FANFIC CONTEST - Round 2]] Ordinary day..Or was it?   

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[[FANFIC CONTEST - Round 2]] Ordinary day..Or was it?
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