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 Fanfic Contest: Round 1 [DEATH] - Underwater whispers

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PostSubject: Fanfic Contest: Round 1 [DEATH] - Underwater whispers   Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:53 am

[OOC: Ok I wrote the first 200 words or so last night, and soo im sorry if elements seem like Cindys but I hadn’t even read it soo its just a coincidence. Besides its water, not blood, and drip drop not drip drip, which makes all the difference xDDD
I would try and change it but I seriously have no time to write tonight >.< I apologise in advance if its awful.. but I had like an hour to write the rest of this Razz]

Drip... Drop... Drip... Drop...

The tap was leaking again, and in the silence of the room the noise resonated out as clear as day.

Drip... Drop...

Dimitri shuddered, forcing himself to open his eyes. He had been dreaming again, his sleep restless, as he felt just as tired and when he had drifted off to sleep hours earlier.

Slowly but surely he walked into the bathroom, twisting the tap tightly. Every thing to do with water: it was just plagued with reminders of her… pale faced, eyes wide, blood pulsing from her throat.

With one more twist the water stopped dripping, and satisfied Dimitri attempted to go back to sleep. However almost as soon as he had lay down did he feel something cold against his cheek. The room was filling up with water that came flowing out from under the bathroom door. It was ice cold, and slowly crept its way across the floor towards him.

‘What the hell?’ he muttered, tired.

Treading through the cold water, he opened the door. The bathroom was empty- as he had left it before. The sink tap was switched off, as was the bath taps. However that didn’t stop the water, which kept flowing through the plughole and upwards, as if being pumped from some imaginary source.

Dimitri leaned over the bath, to inspect where it was coming from. What was once clear water was now coming out a dirty brown, as if soil had mixed with the water. It started off around the plug, and then spread to all corners of the bath until the water was a dark black in colour.

Hesitantly he dipped his hand into the water. He noticed the water was now warm… and as he brought his hand out he realised it wasn’t water any more, but deep dark blood. In horror he moved away from the bath, but an icy pale hand grabbed hold of his wrist and pulled him in.

‘Where do you think you’re going?’ whispered a cold voice. ‘Don’t want you forgetting about me.’

He looked up and saw Thumbelina, rising out of the blood, her neck slit open and glistening, her eyes bloodshot, her skin white.

‘No of course… you don’t want to think about me do you- sitting there in that pool. Drip.. drop.. Drip.. drop..’

She started to sing, laughing as she twisted his hand back. Her fragile arms seemed to be made of steel: as hard as Dimitri tried he could not break free. The more he struggled the more she dug her nails into his skin, which were so sharp they instantly pierced his skin. He cried out in pain, but she continued to dig deeper.

‘Oh look.. you do bleed.. doesn’t feel too good, does it?’

He stared up in panic. ‘I’m sorry!’ he said. ‘I had to!’

‘No! You didn’t have to do anything… and you still did it! You killed me and ran! Even now you are more concerned about that fucking key than me!’ She screeched, taking him by the neck with her other hand. ‘And now you are going to know what its like… what it was like down there!’ With a quick motion she pulled him under, despite his struggles.

The blood came pouring in- he could taste it on his tongue, feel it in against his skin. It covered everything until he couldn’t feel anything else but it, pressing down against him. As he tried to breath all he could do was swallow more blood, and soon he could feel himself black out.

When he opened his eyes he was in the garden, by the pool. Thumbelina was in front of him with the rock, however this time when she came at him he couldn’t move his arms- as if he was paralysed. Arm outstretched, she brought the sharp end of the rock towards him, and swiftly cut into his throat. He wrapped his palm across it to stop the blood flowing, but she didn’t stop there, slicing into his chest. After what felt like hours, every slice felt by a very conscious Dimitri, she reached into his pocket, looking for the key. However Dimitri realised that it wasn’t there, but in his palm. Thumbelina noticed too.

‘Give it to me!’ she shouted. Dimtiri tried to open his hand but he still couldn’t move. ‘Fine if you won’t hand it over I guess I’ll have to take if from you!’ she said, grabbing his hand and slicing at his fingers. ‘One by one..’ she hummed, cutting into each finger, disregarding his screams, before finally taking the key from a fingerless hand. ‘Time to say goodbye Dimmy’ she said, pushing him backwards. As he moved back she giggled, like an innocent child would. He felt himself fall, before splashing into the pool, lying underwater, his back against the floor. Thumbelina waved, he face smiling down on him the last thing he felt before everything went black.

Dimitri woke in shock.
Water… he could still feel it against his face.
The bath..

He ran into the bathroom, and saw Charlotte inside. ‘Hey!’ she yelped.

‘Sorry!’ he said, noticing the bath water overflowing.

'Oh my.. I'm sorry! I guess I didn't realise how full it got! Look its going under the door!' She quickly turned off the taps.

'Yeah' he said slowly.

It was just a dream… he thought to himself.
Just a dream..
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PostSubject: Re: Fanfic Contest: Round 1 [DEATH] - Underwater whispers   Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:28 am

Oh Dimi, I love this <3
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PostSubject: Re: Fanfic Contest: Round 1 [DEATH] - Underwater whispers   Sat Oct 08, 2011 8:53 am

Wow....well time for me to admit defeat, good job Dm!! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Fanfic Contest: Round 1 [DEATH] - Underwater whispers   

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Fanfic Contest: Round 1 [DEATH] - Underwater whispers
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