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 (Fanfic Contest Round 1 Topic:Death) The walls whispers are only faint voices of hope

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PostSubject: (Fanfic Contest Round 1 Topic:Death) The walls whispers are only faint voices of hope   Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:46 am

“The walls whispers are only faint voices of hope , happiness , and a love that once was, but now will always be beyond my reach. Sometimes it is best to move on even when your heart says to hold on. For I know our fate, and life is something none of us can fight. Let it be ,and let it flow ,no one can stop a moving river .No matter how many obstacles you try and throw in to it.”

Wendy held her eyes together tight. The dryness of the room made it hard for her to open her red, bloodshot eyelids. She hasn’t been to sleep in so long. Her rest meant very little to her, all she cared about was Jim Hawkins. Her love on the other side of this stone wall. Even though a wall was the only thing keeping them apart. It felt like he was on the other side of the world. Her throat felt like a cat’s scratching post, dry and itching. If only she could be saved running in to Jim’s strong arms again. How badly Wendy needed his arms around her waist, pulling her to his waist and kissing her neck. He would always smile down at her with his amazing brown eyes. They always had such a sparkle to them. Her thoughts drifted away back into reality as her throat made her lips stick together . Making it a chore for her to speak, without sounding hoarse. Her dreams carried her away that night. Poems filling her head with rhymes of a time when life was splendid with joy in her life.

“Wendy! Wendy! Are you awake my dear!!”

*Bang Bang Bang*

Wendy was interrupted with her dreaming .When she heard a voice through the wall. Jim’s voice! Wendy exclaimed, as she jumped up from the floor, and ran to the stone wall. She gripped it tightly her heart racing so fast like the rabbits , and deer she used to see back home. They were always so fast. Wendy smiled thinking about home ,and about her brother taking her out with him to go hunting. He never shot anything. Mercy never! John darling was never good with guns.

“Wendy! Baby!!”

Wendy put a strand of her hair behind her ear and swallowed the dryness so she could speak

“I am here Jim!!”

Jim smiled on the other side of the wall. He flipped his long, straight, brown hair out of his face.

“Are you ok Wendy! I was so worried about you.”

Wendy looked down and gripped her hand in to a small fist

“I miss you Jim, and I am alright. I do not care about me. What matters to me, is if you are ok?”

Jim shook his head

‘I am fine Wendy! And even if something should dare happen to me. You must promise me you will move on and stay strong. Can you do that for me Wendy?”

Wendy paused and did not reply to what Jim asked of her. How could he! Ask me to move on! Never…. No!

“Jim!! No!! How can you ask that of me? To move on, like you are nothing, like what we have is nothing! I love you too much to even think about losing you! Promise me Jim that you will be ok! Promise me…please…”

Jim looked away his heart was beating but it felt still. He had to be strong for Wendy and not show weakness. If he told her everything was not going to be ok . It would kill her before the Villain got to. Jim cringed and held his hand in a fist and punched the wall.


Jim heard Wendy on the other side of wall moving and scurrying around he sighed and spoke softly

“Wendy I am sorry the thought of losing you. It not hard on just you you know? I promise I will protect you Wendy. Nothing will happen to you while I am here I will make sure of that my love. Do not worry your pretty little head over me.”

Wendy sighed and looked away from the wall tears streaming down her face she was silent

Jim said hesitant but got nothing but silence
Jim rushed up and looked at the camera before him glaring down at him like a pair of snake eyes before an attack

“Damn….Don’t you have anything better to do with your life then watch our misery!! What is wrong with you!! Wendy has done nothing to you! Son of a bitch!!”

Jim’s face turned red.The thought of keeping Wendy safe was to much for him to bare

“You will bring me to Wendy !!! And you will let me see her dammit! Or I swear I will find you! I will kill you! I will rip your throat out and feed it to the dogs! Your hear me! Let me see Wendy!! She has done nothing!! It is me!! All me!!

Jim punched the walls until blood flowed freely from his hands down his arms. He slid down the wall holding his bloody knuckle


Jim whispered under his breath
Wendy lowered her head and said silently

“Yes… Jim…”
Jim bit his lip and looked up at the camera already regretting what he said to the Villain

“If something should happen…to me….promise me you will move on! Wendy please…”
Wendy got angry and hit the wall

Wendy kicked the wall and pulled her hair while pacing the floor. She felt like she was having a panic attack. Her heart beating so violently in her chest.

“No Jim!!”

Jim remembered her stubbornness. He remembered very clearly. He remembered how she strolled through the Inn. Working so hard every single day he smiled remembering ,as he watched her from the corner of the room drinking his tea. As Wendy stacked dishes and hurried to the customers with not even resting for breaks. “Hey let me take over Wendy.” Wendy smiled and flung her hair in his face. “ No Jim I can manage.” Wendy would say having a plate or two of dishes neatly stacked on her head.

Jim fell back in to the harsh reality and sighed

“Wendy….for me… for the crazy boy who dropped your muffin from me being so nervous. When you finally spoke to me. For the boy who would sit on the roof with you for hours. For the boy who had to fight my brother to get my hands on you. For the boy who ran away to be with you. For me…Wendy”

Wendy gulped and nodded her head not realizing Jim could not see her. She pulled her hair back to stop the tears from drenching her hair.

Wendy cried and fell asleep against the wall listening to Jim’s voice throughout the night
“I love you….Jim….”
“I love you too Wendy”

And with those words neither did they know that those were the last words that would be spoken between them ever again.

Jim was asleep his eyes tired and dreary, seeing a door open to his room with his peripheral vision.

“Who… there…Wendy?”

Jim’s eyes began to focus on the figure. A Man… very tall from what Jim could tell. Jim wiped his eyes and sat up looking over at the man who has not moved a muscle since he strolled in.

The man took a step closer and cocked the gun he had in his jean pocket. He laughed a menacing laugh, and moved closer to the already frightened Jim.

‘You should not have challenged me.”

The figure stated. His eyes seemed black and cold towards him.
Jim looked over at the man knowing his fate has been met his life flashed before his eyes. The murder he committed when he was kid. Working at the Inn with his mother, and finally Wendy… The one person who made his life worth living. How happy he was to have been blessed to know her. Her angelic face was all he could think about during his final moments. He wished he lived his life differently to make up with his brother Flynn. So many words left un said with his family and with Wendy. He would never get the chance to tell them he loved them.


Was all he could get out of his few final breaths
The dark figure moved closer pointing the gun straight towards Jim

“You son of a bitch….I hope you burn in hell”


Jim’s vision started to blur feeling the warm blood pouring out of his chest as he fell to the floor on his knees. The few seconds he was alive he thought of Wendy. Looking up at the ceiling fading into nothingness as he started to see a bright light his eyes faded back in to his head…

Jim… was dead

Days went by with no reply from Jim.
5 days later
Wendy began self inflicting pain on her arms and legs.Her heart racing with pain and heartache.
A week passed
Wendy has made her body un capable of moving. So many tears have been shed that her eyes would not even open.
2 weeks have passed
Wendy only wanted death to meet her she knew for sure Jim had to be gone she paced the floor crying with no tears and screaming with no voice. She was an empty shell now she fell to the floor holding her stomach when she got interrupted by a static sound on the T.V she heard her name faintly on the monitor

It pierced her heart like a knife afraid to look up at the screen. She made herself look up just in time to see Jim’s lifeless body fall to the ground with one gun shot.
Wendy felt numb her legs gave in ,and her body could not hold its self up. She could not speak, and she could not move the pain was unbearable she wished death upon her. She wished God would take her away at this very moment. But nothing worked out easy for Wendy it never has, as the video played over and over again. The Villains cruel way of breaking her spirit. She curled in a ball with the energy she had.She felt no need to move on with life. Wendy weakly moved her hand to her arm and clawed at her wrist hysterically.

Wendy let out a dry yelp of pain as she reached a vein in her wrist not deep enough to kill her she stopped and looked up at the camera
“Looks like you broke me….you bast…”
Wendy closed her eyes hearing Jim’s screams of pain throughout the night
Wendy was interrupted with a voice inside her head

“Wendy I told you to stay strong for me….this is not what I wanted for you….My love…please….giving up is for the weak and you are not weak sweetheart. I love you and I will be watching over you….Even though I may be in heaven you will always be the best of heavens angels”

Wendy woke up quickly panting heavily and wiping sweat off of her brow the T.V was finally off.
She glanced down at her wrist and held it tight keeping pressure on it she held her knees and leaned her head inside her dress
Who was she now? Nothing….empty…..nothing to live for, nothing to dream about, her life had no meaning…all she wished for was to meet the true death and be with her beloved Jim….

“And so life was meaningless to the broken hearted girl. To the girl who gave everything to someone she loved. Her whole heart and her whole soul. And in one moment he was removed from her life. You see Jim was her life therefore her life felt truly over. When you love someone so dearly and they are removed from your life. Can you truly ever move on??”

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(Fanfic Contest Round 1 Topic:Death) The walls whispers are only faint voices of hope
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