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 [Fanfic Contest: Topic: Death]] Revenge...

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PostSubject: [Fanfic Contest: Topic: Death]] Revenge...   Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:59 am

Pocahontas stood in the darkness, looking around the basement. Wondering why in the world she was here..She heard voices, turning around she saw Jasmine and Thrax kissing each other. Her eyes stayed on them, letting them kiss right in front of her.

Suddenly Jasmine was in front of her, “You’re so pathetic, you seduced Thrax. Though by the sound of it, it wasn’t any good.” Jasmine laughed, smirking at her, “Because he yelled my name during the sex. It must mean I’m sexier and better then you.”

Pocahontas suddenly pushed Jasmine, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU’RE PATHETIC, BEING AFRAID OF MEN! YOU’RE JUST AS PATHETIC AS I AM, BRAGGING HOW YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME AT EVERYTHING!” She stopped, seeing Thrax in front of Jasmine as he stared down at her.

“Shut up, Pocahontas. You need to shut your mouth..Just because I didn’t pick you, doesn’t mean you have to be mean to Jasmine.” His voice was cruel..

Pocahontas stared up at him, “I’m not mad because of that. I’m mad because she keeps rubbing it in my fucking face.”

Thrax’s face suddenly was deformed in anger, “I guess you aren't my gentle Pocahontas anymore.” He grabbed the necklace, ripping it off, “Fuck off.” He whispered.

Pocahontas gasped, staring at necklace that broke when he ripped it off. She looked up at him, “You..HOW HOW DARE YO-!” Her head whipped to the right, falling to the ground as he slapped her. When she looked up, they were gone. She looked around; stopping when saw Odette against the basement wall, chained up. Her eyes widened, “ODETTE!” Pocahontas yelled, walking towards her, but before she could even get close she stopped. Looking up she saw Ariel walking towards her, realizing what was going to happen, “No, not now..Not again! I WILL NOT LET YOU DO THIS ARIEL!” She ran towards Ariel, running through her. Turning around she saw Ariel cut Odette open, looking at Ariel as she licked the bloody knife. The anger started to build up even more, “FUCKING BI-!” She started to run, stopping when Odette started to scream. When she went to move, she couldn’t..She was paralyzed. Pocahontas stared as she watched the scene happen again. When they disappeared she looked around, jumping when the scene changed..

The room was dark until the light came on, showing Ariel lying on the ground, sleeping on the ground. Pocahontas stared at Ariel, letting the anger come to her. The anger started to make her shake. Her eyes glared at Ariel, looking right next to her..There was a knife and two ropes, bending down she the supplies fast. She saw hooks on the wall that seemed they were just put on there..Just for this event. Pocahontas started to tie her arms to the hooks and started to tie her legs together. She started to get impatient, “Wake up, bitch..NOW!” She yelled, watching Ariel jump wide awake, “Good you’re awake. You might see you’re that kind of tied up right now.” She smirked, watching Ariel start to struggle..

“What’s going on..LET ME GO!” Ariel looked at Pocahontas, having her eyes show anger and fear.

Pocahontas laughed a cruel laugh, “No, no I won’t.” She raised the knife, laying it on Ariel’s chest, “Because you’re going to experience the same pain. You cause Odette.” Her face was deformed with evil, smirking at Ariel.

Ariel’s eyes widened, yelling at Pocahontas the moment she spoke about Odette, “THAT SLUT DESERVED IT! SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH MY BOYFRIEND’S BABY!”

Pocahontas suddenly cut Ariel’s chest. The cut wasn’t fatal, only painful. She stared at Ariel’s face deform into fear, “She isn’t a slut, Ariel..You’re a slut, and a killer. You killed a innocent life because of jealously. You just might not be as good as you think you are at sex. Or maybe, your boyfriend can’t keep his pants on.” Her voice was once again cruel.

“I am good at sex, better then Odette. And don’t talk about my boyfriend like that, especially when you don’t know him.”

Pocahontas laughed, “I can tell he’s pathetic! Just.” The knife started to cut Ariel’s dress, “Like.” She raised the knife to her stomach, watching Ariel’s face as it was deformed in full fear. Her eyes stayed on her, waiting for a second before she would attack her..

“You!” Pocahontas started to cut into Ariel’s stomach, letting the knife penetrate into her skin deep. As she felt the knife was in a good spot she ripped the knife down, leaving a huge deep cut on her stomach. Ariel’s screamed made Pocahontas laughed. She put the knife to her chest, carving a huge X on it. It was like it was a sign she was executing Ariel. The screams from her made Pocahontas happy, loving the screams of pain. She raised the knife to Ariel’s left arm, cutting it down to her palm. When she was done, she stabbed Ariel’s right arm fast. Letting the blood spray on her face, she looked down at the puddle of blood that was beneath Ariel, “By the looks of it Ariel, it’s almost time to end your misery. The puddle of blood proves it.” Pocahontas laughed, ripping the knife in her arm up to her shoulder, leaving a fatal deep cut. She grabbed Ariel’s chin, pulling it close to her face, “Listen if you didn’t have to hurt Odette this wouldn’t be happening. And now that it is..All you can do is blame yourself, you pathetic little BITCH!” As she yelled her last word, Pocahontas sliced Ariel’s neck. She listened to Ariel’s one last scream before she dropped her head. It was done, she had killed Ariel..The bitch who tortured her best friend, dropping the knife she stared at Ariel’s lifeless body, “Rot in hell bitch..And don’t be reincarnated..You worm.”

Pocahontas stood there, admiring her work. Only after ten minutes of the murder, she started to laugh manically louder and louder.

The scene started to fade, the dream had ended..Or was it, the nightmare that ended?

The End.

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PostSubject: Re: [Fanfic Contest: Topic: Death]] Revenge...   Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:36 am

This is so sad.. The emtions are so heavy this is beautifull.
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[Fanfic Contest: Topic: Death]] Revenge...
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