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 Halloween MEP dream.....(explains my vid)

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Snow White


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PostSubject: Halloween MEP dream.....(explains my vid)   Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:49 pm

Snow White looked over at the young woman who was in room 7 with her, she was feeling sleepy so she went to bed.....She was at her home and then she had an urge to go up the stairs. She swallowed nervously and headed up the stairs not knowing what she would find, when she opened the door there was the man who had kidnapped them. The Villain, he was holding a shotgun and gave her a cold smile, unsure of what to do Snow White backed up and froze....Time shifted and now she was in Cindy's body, she watched from afar as Snow was killed and stared down at her own body in horror....Time shifted again and now Cindy was attending Snow's funeral, out of the corner of her she saw the Villain approach looking...sad....Time shifted and now Villain was helping dig up a grave for Snow... Snow woke up gasping in a sweat, the events had seemed so real....Was it really just a dream??
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Halloween MEP dream.....(explains my vid)
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