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 [Personal Profile: JULIET]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: JULIET]   Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:18 pm

Juliet Jones

Age and birthday
26 years. Birthday: June 8


Dean [not in the game]: he is her best friend, almost her brother and, since she has always been alone, and she had never seen her adoptive families as her real family, Dean has benn in years the only family that she has had.
Annie [not in the game]: she was really an important friend for Jul, kinda her second best friend.


Gosh, please, no, no one!


Jasmine: her first roommate, together with Thrax. They haven't talked a lot.
Thrax: her first roommate, together with Thrax. They haven't talked a lot.
SInbad: she talked with him through the wall, he seemed a nice guy
Dimitri: he used to be her friend, a lot of years ago, while he worked with Dean. Then he suddenly disappeared
Ariel: she's Annie's sister, she knows her for a long time!

Love interests

Zack [not in the game]: he's her ex boyfriend

She lost her family when she was only a child.

Home Country

Juliet is actually a mix of contradditions: we can start saying that she's a great actress, and when she's on the stage it's natural for her act. When she's on the dancefloor of the strippub, it's so natural for her be a stripper: she dances and strip without shame. She's not herself anymore: she's just the stripper.
But, out of it, she's really different: well, she's not exactly a shy girl, and even out of the stage her dresses are always really at the limit of decensy. But out of the stage she's not so shameless, and she doesn't undress herself so easily.
Fun fact: she can know a lot of things about sex and so on, but she's a really naive and childish girl and, even if she's not stupid (actually, she can show a nice intelligence when she wants), she's neither really bright.
She's also a really positive person: even if her life was hard and even if she doesn't like dream about the impossible, she looks with a smile at everything is around her.
"The world sucks, but you can change it, so why care? Enjoy what you can!"
Her gaiety, united with her being really spoiled and stubborn, is a 'gift' of her past: when she was a baby she was really loved and she was the daughter of a reach family, used to have everything she wanted. Even if things changed, this signed a lot her way to be.

Juliet is 26 years old, even if she seems younger. She loves sing, dance and act and when she was younger she dreamed to become a singer.
When she was 6 she was found by the social assistents in the street with her older brother and bringed to the orphanage. She never saw again her brother, and however she doesn't remember a lot her life before the orphanage.
She spent there 3 years, while the social assistants were trying to understand who she was and where she came from, but after 3 years, knowing only her name, Juliet, and nothing more, they gave up: she was bringed to a family-house and she spent there other 2 years. After this period 5 families tried to adopt her, two of them gave up with her only after a few weeks, in another one the parents divorced after an year and both parents renounced to her, in another one the social assistant find out, after a few months, that the father was a really violent person that beated Juliet a couple of times and in the last one was July that prefered leave them, telling that the father abused of her: it was only a lie.
When she was 18 she finally could leave the family-house She was an awfull student, even if she wasn't stupid, and when she finished the school she decided to leave the family and to find an apartament and a job.
In this period she received a big help from Dean, her best friend: she had known him since when she was 15 and she started her firsts part time jobs. He was 3 years oldern than her, he had already finished the school and in a little while he became her best friend and almost a soart of brother.
When she left her family in the first period she lived with him, and worked with him in the bar of a strip-pub. But she wanted to be a star, and when she started to work as a stripper, she thought it was just the first step to become it, but, with the time, it became more and more difficult to abandon this job, and the money that she earned with it.
And after all, Juliet liked her life just the way it was: it wasn't a dream come true, but she was indipendent, she had money, she had friends, and even the job wasn't so bad.
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[Personal Profile: JULIET]
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