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 The fight that ended in Capture..[[Poca's Capture]]

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PostSubject: The fight that ended in Capture..[[Poca's Capture]]   Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:55 am

Pocahontas turned to her father, "I have to get going, especially if I want to find Eric." As she spoke, she saw the sadness in her father's face grow. She walked over to her father, hugging him, "I'll be safe..Ana, Father." nodding as she backed up, turning around, running off.

Two Hours Later

Pocahontas took out her water bag, "I need water, better go to the nearest waterfall." She put the bag away, running straight after to the waterfall. She stopped, hearing someone at the waterfall. As she stood very still, she went to her knees, crawling up the nearest huge rock. As she reached the top of the huge rock she peeked her head up, seeing a man with blonde hair and white skin. The man was washing his face with the water, "So another man.." As she peeked even more over the rock, the man turned around. By the look of the how fast the man had turned around, he must have saw her in the reflection of the water. "He doesn't look harmful" She thought to herself, smiling a bit at the man. When the man gave her a confused look, it made her want to meet him face to face and greet him. Pocahontas started to climb down the rock, peeking out from the bushes. When the man backed up, it made her smile even more. She started to climb out of the bushes, stopping mid way when he spoke.

"There you are." The man's mouth suddenly smiled, a dangerous looking smile.

Pocahontas backed up, widening her eyes. She suddenly ran off fast, not letting the man even go near her.

"They always run, every time." The man laughed, running after her.

Pocahontas could hear the man running after her, making her run even faster. And every time she gained up speed, the man did to, making her want to run even faster. Pocahontas jumped through trees that were close together, "Shit!" She yelled, hearing the man did the same thing behind her. As she kept running she grabbed a tree branch, swinging herself forward, launching her further ahead. When she landed, she ran even faster. Pocahontas suddenly made a sharp turn, sliding onto the leaves when she did. Suddenly the man had caught up to her, tackling her. As she landed on the ground, she quickly rolled over, getting on top of the man. She took out one of her homemade hammers, slamming it down by his face. As he dodge, she went to try it again. Pocahontas gasped, seeing the man suddenly grab her hands, kicking her over him. She landed on the ground, coughing as she turned back around fast, staring at the man. Her face full of rage, "Impressive but, you won't get me!" her mouth suddenly formed a smirk.

"You wanna bet?" The man laughed, running fast at her.

Pocahontas suddenly fell over as he tackled her, looking at him she started to dodge his punches, kicking him off of her. She quickly got up, running again. This time it was out of panic.

After a while, Pocahontas stopped. She couldn't hear any footsteps behind her, breathing out as she felt safe, "I escaped him but, who the fuck was that." She turned around, screaming when she saw the man standing not to far in front of her..Her eyes started to widen.

"Your not running away from me again, Pocahontas." His face wasn't pleased. He stood there silent before he suddenly tackled her.

Pocahontas started to panic, trying to fight him off of her. He was suddenly stronger then before, like he wasn't even trying back them. The fear started to strike her, "Someone.." She tried to scream, only to have her words come out in a whimper. Feeling the man start to bring her hands back, the panic started, "NO!" She screamed, trying to kick him off now. It was no use, the man suddenly put his legs on her upper legs.

"Stop fighting! You won't win!" He screamed, kicking her in the stomach.

Pocahontas suddenly stopped, coughing from the kick. She quickly started to fight back again, "I WILL WIN!" She exclaimed, suddenly his fist got out of her grip. A blow to her head from his fist was made, making Pocahontas suddenly let go of the man's fists as her head turned to the right. She grabbed her head, curling up, screaming when he kicked her in the stomach again, "FATHER!!" She screamed, "FATHER HELP!" Pocahontas screamed even more.

"Shut up!" He screamed, punching her in the head with all of his strength.

Pocahontas's scream was cut out short. Her eyes slowly closed. She laid there, "Sweet.." was the last thing she spoke, before everything went dark..

The End

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The fight that ended in Capture..[[Poca's Capture]]
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