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 [Personal Profile: LILO]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: LILO]    Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:54 am

1. Name


2. Age and Birthday

She's seven years old. Her birthday is on March 18th.

3. Friends

Dimitri: He was the first roommate Lilo had and first she didn't like him. But he helped her paint some beautiful pictures with crayons. She normally ignores man or kinda likes to torture them, but for some reason Lilo adopted him very fast as her big brother. They had a lot of fun together. Lilo believes and trusts him. If he ever lie to her in an unexcusable way, she will kill him. That's the way she loves him.

Eric: Lilo's second big bro. She loves that he is a murderer as her. Unfortunately she couldn't talk with him about their profession. Lilo thinks he's kinda clumsy with children, what makes her giggle and love him even more.

Jane: Lilo likes Jane. But... She isn't really sure. Sometimes she want to slap her and then she wants to hide in her arms like daughter and mother. Lilo never had a real mother. So she's confused with her feelings for Jane. But she knows that Jane is caring and helpful.

4. Enemies

No one till now.

5. Acquaintances

Anya: Lilo likes her. They met only once and talked a bit through the wall. But Lilo knew that Anya is someone important to Eric, so she accepts her. She actually would love to get to know her more.

Odette: Lilo thinks she's a stupid girl and she's a Blonde. Lilo hates Blondes, but after she slapped Odette, she felt better. They could become friends. It's up to Odette if Lilo will hate or like her.

Cody: Lilo had some fun with Jane's son, but actually she finds him annoying.

Esmeralda: Lilo killed her. As she first saw her in the black book, she was fascinated of the young woman and wanted to meet her. But as the villain asked her to kill Esmeralda, she did what he wanted without blinking. She told Dimitri that she doesn't worry about Esmeralda's death, but she is sad that she couldn't get to know her.

6. Love interests

The villain: Lilo has a crush on him and would nearly do everything for him. Even kill someone. But she will never tell him what she feels. For Lilo it's true that she will hate everyone who makes the villain feel bad or sad. It's kind of her own choice now to protect him.

7. Traumas

Lilo's only trauma would be her first murder. But she get used to it and ignores her feelings and memories. Her education was hard but now she loves her job.

8. Home Country


9. History

Will add later.
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[Personal Profile: LILO]
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