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 [Personal Profile: SNOW WHITE]

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Snow White


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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: SNOW WHITE]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:47 pm


February 2nd 1991 AGE: 20

Best Friend: Cindy-Cinderella childhood friends, Cindy became Snow's friend when they met outside her father's castle. After Snow turned ten, she didn't see Cindy until they met on Branding Day in the hotel. Other Friends: Eilonwy (dead)- She met Eilonwy when they were roomed in room 7, Eilonwy was always willing to help Snow even on her bad days. During a game, Snow was forced to watch as Eilonwy was murdured. Thrax- She first heard Thrax and they talked through a wall and quickly became good friends, during the Masquerade Snow White offically met Thrax and was able to tell him of her miscarriage. This made them become even closer friends as he was very understanding. Pocahontas- Snow White met Pocahontas on Branding Day, and was impressed by how kind Pocahontas was to her after the Villian threw her down. A few weeks later, Snow met Poca in room 10 and the two quickly bonded and became friends. Snow trusts Poca and thinks of her like a sister. Sinbad- Snow White met Sinbad at a few of Cindy's birthday parties when they were younger and gave him the nickname Sinnie. She later helped him on Branding Day, but didn't realize it was Sinnie. At the Masquerade, Snow White met Sinbad in person and the two had an argument over the nickname she had given him. Later she approached him and the two reconciled, after that Snow White thinks of him as a good friend. Aurora (dead)- Snow White met Aurora in room 7 and quickly bonded with her. Snow White thought of Aurora as a good friend and is happy that she got to know her. She was devastated when she heard of her death. Eric- she met Eric in room 5 when they had a spider invasion. Eric was kind to Snow and helped her with her phobia of spiders by distracting her with tales of mermaids his own fear. Wendy- Snow White first met Wendy in room 10, and even though she felt like she didn't get along with her. She appreciates her kindness and thinks of her as a good friend. Anya- Anya saved Snow White from killing herself, and Snow White punched her as a result. They have gotten past their disagreements however and are now close friends. Charlotte- Since talking to Charlotte through the wall while she has stayed at Room 7 Snow thinks of Charlotte like a sister. During the Christmas Party, Snow witnessed Charlotte clinging to Shang and this has made her wonder about her relationship with Shang.

Kaya- Kayla's darker personality tried to kill Snow after she brought up Eiilonwy's death.
The Villain- During the Christmas Party, Snow White got to talk to the Villain. During their talk though he came onto Snow, and Snow is now scared of what the Villain will do to her next.

Rapunzel- Snow White got the opportunity to talk to both Naveen and Rapunzel through a wall when she was in Room 7. She feels a bond with Rapunzel as they both were in a similar business. Naveen- She got to talk to Naveen while she spoke to him and Rapunzel through a wal, she thinks he's a very kind person as he always was very kind to her when he spoke to her. Thumbelina- Snow White's first room mate was Thumbelina, but Snow White never really bonded to Thumbelina. Jasmine- Snow White met Jasmine during the Masquerade, but she didn't really get to talk to her. She does like Jasmine though and wishes her and Thrax all the happiness in the world. Joe- Snow White met Joe at the Masquerade and even though he was nice to her Snow White didn't trust him. One of the reasons why is she noticed he didn't have a Mark on his palm. Helga- Snow White briefly met Helga during the Masquerade and was unsure of how to act around her. Dimitri- Snow White talked to Dimitri in a TTW and wishes she could help him. She thinks of him as a friend and even though he has been depressed, Snow White is determined to help him. She met Dimitri at the Christmas Party. Aladdin- She has talked to Aladdin in a TTW and even though she doesn't know him very well she has enjoyed talking to him. She got to further talk with Aladdin at the Christmas Party where she was finally able to see him face to face.

She was raised in a castle not far from where Cindy grew up, however Snow White was unsure of its exact location. She is now in the hotel where the Villian is carrying out his evil plans

Snow White met Phillip when she was about to rob his father,the two worked together to get the information they wanted. After that they stayed in contact and Phillip urged her to run away with him to Italy but Snow White refused as she still loved her father. After he had left, Snow White realized she loved him. After having her heart broken by Phillip, Snow White never thought she would be interested in someone again until Shang was roomed with her. Shang has become very close to Snow White in the short time that they have been roomed together. She and Shang admitted their feelings for one another before they decided to do a mock fight. While she was in Room 7 she was able to talk to Shang and he told her that he saw her as the light and they both admitted their love for one another. At the Christmas Party she was briefly reunited with Shang before he spent the rest of the night with Charlotte. What this means for their relationship is still unclear...

Snow White was a victim of child abuse from a young age, as her father was training her to be a thief for his own ends. The most common abusing her father gave her was whipping if she failed a test. A few weeks after she turned twenty, her father was murdered and Snow White ran away. She was later found by a guard and was raped, sometime during her rape Snow White fell unconscious and woke up in a room all alone at the hotel. A few weeks later, Snow White was branded and was thrown to the floor, shortly afterward she started expieiencing halluncinations as a result of fever. As the fever went away, Snow White came to the conclusion that she is pregnant as her period has been later and she has had morning sickness. After witnessing Ariel kill Odette's unborn child on the television set, Snow had a miscarriage and lost her baby. After the Masquerade, Snow played a game and witnessed Eilonwy die in front of her eyes. When she was returned to her room, Snow White tried to commit suicide but was saved by Anya. Later on in room 4 she was almost murdurerd by Kaya, but was saved at the last moment by Kayla.

Snow White grew up in a castle, her mother died a year after giving birth to Snow White in a chemical fire. The fire was caused by her father pushing at Snow White's mother to find a better solution to a sleeping potion. After her mother's death, her father became withdrawn and Snow White was raised on her own, at the age of five she met Cindy. She would later sneak away and play with Cindy when she could, she also had a dog called Charlie for a short time before he wandered off. At the age of ten, she was finally noticed by her father and he trained her to be a thief. After she turned ten she never saw Cindy again, at the age of sixteen she met Phillip who helped her steal from his own father. They kept in touch and he told her he would wait for her in Italy. At the age of twenty, she witnessed her own father murdered and ran away, but she was followed and raped. In her possession, Snow White has a gold locket, with her mother's portrait inside.
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[Personal Profile: SNOW WHITE]
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