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 [Personal Profile: CODY]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: CODY]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:02 am


Age and Birthday
Age: 8 Years
Birthday:January 25th

Lilo: Lilo was Cody first friend that he has met. Even though they don't talk much to each other, they still have good times together. When Cody first met Lilo, she wasn't wearing any clothes. So he took the clothes from the dead body that was in their room and handed them to Lilo. The most fun they had was snail racing when the villain served them snails as their meals.

Rapunzel: Cody has only seen Rapunzel once in the basement. But they had a wall to wall talk with each other. Cody finds her really sweet and he felt bad for her even though she has done bad things in her life. He thinks Rapunzel is really cute.

Wendy: Cody has recently met Wendy. He looks up to her like a older sister.


John Smith: (Or known as the Villain) Cody is very frighten of John. After he and his mother were tormented by him, Cody starts to have nightmares about him. But one day, he wants to fight John and save his mother from him.


Aurora: Cody recently met Aurora in the same room where her also met Wendy. He finds Aurora to be a very kind person. Even though she's a quiet person.

Love Interests

Jane: Cody's mother. Cody loves his mother dearly. He'll do anything to keep her happy and safe. Since he hasn't had a father around, he feels like he's the man of the house. He wants to protect his mother.


Losing his mother: After Cody and his mother were kidnapped, they were separated. Without his mother, Cody feels scared and alone. Although sometimes he can survive without his mother, he still feel pain thinking about her and how much he misses her.

England but moved with his mother and Cale to Austraila

Unknown.....for now.
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[Personal Profile: CODY]
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