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 [Personal Profile: WENDY]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: WENDY]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:37 am


Age and Birthday
December 20th


Ariel:Ariel helped Wendy through the pain of Jim's death even though Wendy has not met Ariel face to face. When they spoke through the wall Wendy always felt like she had a friend who was truly there for her.

Aladdin: Aladdin is one of Wendy's true friends in this hell hole. When times are hard whenever she hears Aladdin's voice she smiles. Aladdin's faith and hope astounds Wendy even though his son was taken away and his fiance was taken away he still has the strength to move on he gave her faith after Jim's death. Wendy feels as though faith and hope would never come ever again but Aladdin gives her the strength to keep pushing forward and not give up.

Cindy: The few times Wendy has spoke to his kind hearted girl she has a motherly like quality about her that always makes Wendy feel special.

Cody: Cody reminds Wendy of her brothers John and Michael. It saddens her that especially Michael will not know what happened to his sister she feels he must be about Cody's age. Cody is a strong kid who Wendy truly cares for if only she could save him from this hell hole.


(Dead) Pheobus -Wendy's only enemy who she fears is Pheobus even though he has left this world and is dead his face still haunts her making her have nightmares at night.


Meg(Dead) : The short time she had with Meg she felt such pain in this girls heart but even though she could not care less of Wendy she saved her from being raped.

Rapunzel: Wendy wishes she had more time to spend with her old room mate not learning much about her at all except she had a sweet nature about her reminding her of herself a little bit.

Aurora: Wendy has not figured Aurora out yet like she wishes to. The girl seems to hide herself away from the world and keeps to herself and stays quiet. Wendy understands though the trauma everyone has faced is to hard to bear.

Love interests

Jim (Dead) - Wendy has longing in her heart for the man of her dreams Jim.... Jim was her love, her life, her everything, her whole world was just taken away from her by... the Villain. Wendy never even got to see his face since the night they ran away together from her parents house. Sometimes she wishes she never left the Inn with Miss Hawkins. They never should of got Wendy's belongings and just ran or stayed at Jim's. Wendy blames herself for the kidnapping of Jim wishing it was her life instead of his. The times they shared on top of the roof him holding her waist and watching the sun set was some of the happiest moments of her life. The time he was so scared he dropped the muffin he brought her on the floor and they bumped heads. He was so nervous babbling and blushing at every glance while working at the Inn. Even though Jim is dead he lives in Wendy's heart but sometimes the memory of his death makes her wake up in a sweat she tries to be brave but sometimes it is pointless and her mask fades away showing a hurt girl.

Flynn- Jim's brother. Wendy denies that she ever loved Flynn mainly for the fact he was hitting on her while with Jim. Wendy only knows he stole to supply for his family. Jim would never eat what Flynn brought home whenever he did come home usually he was gone for months at a time. Probably in Jail or hiding from the law. Wendy first met Flynn when he came home for the first time since Wendy was there his eyes met hers. He was older then Jim 23 I believe he kept flirting with Wendy and his sarcastic tone made Wendy hot under the collar he would try to force his love on her which was sexy to Wendy but dangerous he was a bad boy who Wendy could not trust fully. Jim was the good boy who treated Wendy with love and respect. Not that Flynn could not do that but Wendy believed Flynn loved her only to steal me away from his brother. But if let in Wendy could probably see this bad boy as a lover.


Jim's death

Her mother trying to force her to marry

The almost rape with Pheobus

Flynn disappearing from the Inn ( What happened to him? Jail? Taken? Did he run away?

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[Personal Profile: WENDY]
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