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 [Personal Profile: JOHN SMITH]

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PostSubject: [Personal Profile: JOHN SMITH]   Sat Sep 17, 2011 4:23 am

John Smith.

Age and Birthday
31 years. Birthday: July 11th.

Lilo: John admires Lilo for being so young, and still so mature. He has always envied her way of feeling nothing in situations most people would break. Though he feels no bond with her, Lilo will always be one of John's favorite prisoners.

Sinbad: Though Sinbad and John are very alike, John refuses to see this as Sinbad has time after time pissed John off in the worst ways. Everything John holds against Sinbad was done over half a year ago, but John still hates Sinbad with a passion stronger than flames. After Sinbad's desperate attempt at saving Meg, and him taking care of her, John has started to realize Sinbad might not deserve everything he throws at him, but this does not keep him from torturing him. In his mind, Sinbad will never suffer enough for the things he has done to himself and others.


Love interests
Cinderella: John has always slightly had a thing for Cinderella, whether he realizes or not. After Meg's death, John went into a depression where he shut everything out, including Cinderella. At times, he finds himself blaming her for what happened, because if it hadn't been for her pregnancy, John would have stayed with Megara and might have saved her in time. Due to everything that has happened with her being pregnant and Megara's death, John can no longer look at Cinderella with anything other than disgust and hatred, though deep down lies the feelings for her that will never go away.

Pocahontas: John finds himself weirdly amused around Pocahontas when she obviously longs for him, getting shy and blushes. John has never held any romantic interest in Pocahontas, but he enjoys playing with her just the way he started out playing with Cinderella.


Megara's Death: Megara's death was one of the hardest things John has ever been through. Loosing the love of his life left him slightly more mad than he was before, but mostly just broken and empty. Shutting everything out, including the few people who actually cared about him. It is unlikely that John will ever get over the loss of Megara, but with time he hopes it will get better.

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[Personal Profile: JOHN SMITH]
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