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 Poca's Past..Part 3 [Memories with Kocoum]

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PostSubject: Poca's Past..Part 3 [Memories with Kocoum]   Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:42 am

[[OOC It's time to know a little more about Pocahontas and Kocoum and how close they were ^^]]

Kocoum walked to the corn field, looking for his little sister, "Pocahontas, where are you?" He yelled, looking for Pocahontas was always a task in the morning, especially if she was wide awake, "Pocahontas!" He yelled once again, almost laughing this time. It was the same routine every day: Get up, look for Pocahontas and spend some time with her. As he walked out of the corn field he saw her, Pocahontas. Kocoum walked to her, "Hey, I was looking for you." He smiled.

Pocahontas turned around, smiling when she saw her brother, "Wingapo brother." She got up, hugging her older brother. She looked to the river, "It's so peaceful today, like that storm never happened the other day." Pocahontas laughed, loving when Kocoum and her spent time together.

"Wingapo little sister." He hugged her back, looking to the river, "It's unbelievable how much damage the storm caused, and yet, the river is calm and peaceful as ever." He walked to it, turning around as he splashed her.

Pocahontas squealed, "Hey!" She laughed, running to him she tackled him into the water.

Kocoum laughed, "You've gotten stronger little one." He smirked, loving how he made fun of her.

She laughed, "Of course I've gotten stronger. I am sixteen after all."

"Well if your just sixteen then you have a long way to go Pocahontas." He laughed.

"Stop rubbing in that your eighteen brother.." She whimpered..

Kocoum couldn't help but to laugh, his little sister had always made a whimper noise when she was upset. He picked her up, hugging her, "I love you, Sister.."

Pocahontas smiled, hugging him, "I love you, brother.." She looked at him, wanting to make the promise now, "Please don't leave me, father and mother.."

"I will never, Pocahontas...Never.." He smiled, hugging his sister in his arms..

That was the promise they made, the promise to stay together, forever.

The End.
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Poca's Past..Part 3 [Memories with Kocoum]
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