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 I am alone in this world.

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PostSubject: I am alone in this world.   Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:18 am

Two blank lifeless eyes stared out into oblivion. They would never see anything on this planet again. The soul had already moved on from the body, leaving the lifeless corpse behind. And yet, someone was yelling. Screaming. Why were they yelling? What was the point? The same word shouted over and over again. "MOMMY! MOMMYY!" Didn't that voice realize that the woman was dead? Didn't it? But wait.. That voice.. It's so familiar. Who's voice is it?

Oh... It's mine. I'm the one screaming. I'm the one crying. This is my Mommy and she's dead. She'll never be there to rock me to sleep after a bad dream.. She'll never kiss me on the forehead in the mornings.. She'll never tell me that she loves me. Never again.

I felt a man's hand on my shoulder and as I look up, I see that it's a man dressed in a white coat. The doctor, I suppose. I can barely see him through the blur of my vision. Because yes, I'm crying. Warm droplets of fresh tears streak down my face. I didn't know a person could cry this much.. But then I never knew you can hurt this much inside either.

His hand offers me no comfort whatsoever. To me, it's just something weighing me down. It's keeping my soul from joining my Mommy in Heaven. I shake it away, wanting him to leave me alone. What would happen to me now? I'm an 11-year-old girl.. No one will hire me. I don't know where or even who my father is. Well... My Mommy, she was always conning Men.. That's how she made her living.. It didn't look so hard, I'd seen her to do it plenty of times. I could do it. I could make my Mommy proud and follow in her footsteps.

My momentary comfort seemed to fade away as realization dawned on me.

At this moment, I am completely alone in the world.

[I will probably make a video of this when things aren't so busy with school and all..]
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I am alone in this world.
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