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 A Golden Invitation..

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PostSubject: A Golden Invitation..   Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:03 am

Pocahontas walked out of the bathroom, she had been looking for the key for a long time. Her eyes went to the door, looking down to see a Golden piece of paper. She walked over to it, "What's this?" Pocahontas asked herself, picking the paper up.
As she read it her eyes widen, "A Masquerade?" She then saw her name, her eyes were even wide, "I'm invited?" She let out a little laugh, happy that she was invited to this Masquerade. Her thoughts went through her mind. Pocahontas sat on the mattress that laid in the room, laying down on it when she sat down. Pocahontas laid there, realizing she was tired..She had been looking for the key since the Villain left the room. The key was no where to be found, looking back at the invite she smiled, liking she was invited to this thing. She then looked at the ceiling, thinking of places that the key could be..
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A Golden Invitation..
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