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 Once Upon a Dream

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Snow White


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PostSubject: Once Upon a Dream   Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:27 am

Snow White looked over at Eilowny's sleeping form and sighed she didn't know why but for some reason her thoughts were on him tonight. It had been a long time since she had thought about the young man she had met when she was fourteen she turned her locket over in her uninjured hand. When she had seen him, she had been struck by how kind he had looked, he had arrived with his father. He was tall, with with light brown hair that was clean cut, and he wore simple yet elegant clothes. When Snow White had been talking with her own father, she had met the young man's gaze head on. She had rushed back to her room, feeling his gaze on her back and had felt slightly giddy. She had brushed off whatever she had been feeling and had waited until the banquet was underway before sneaking to the young man's father's room. Her hands were just about to switch the documents when she heard someone clear their throat behind her. Years of training stopped Snow from jumping instead she slowly turned around and saw the young man. Instead of looking angry though, he looked faintly amused "So you got lost?" he asked with a smile playing around his lips. Snow White had rolled her eyes, "Sure we'll go with that." She had retorted. The young man had nodded with a smirk slowly growing, "You might be-" but Snow White had cut him off and had attacked him. The young man clearly hadn't been expecting that, but he quickly had her pinned to the wall she had been taken back by his clear blue eyes. He had been staring at her too with an unreadable expression, but then he smiled "If you're ready to hear me I would like to help you." Snow White had snorted and tried to struggle but he held onto her firmly, "And why would you help me?" She asked the young man had frowned but then he smiled at her, "It would do my father well to be taken a notch or two down." he said. Snow White had mulled it over before nodding, if her father found out what had happened he would punish her severely. As they left, the young man's father was heading up the stairs before Snow White could blink the young man had pulled her into a kiss. She had never been kissed, but quickly found she didn't mind the footsteps retreated, but the young man kept kissing her. A few more minutes passed before they broke apart, Snow White knew she was probably grinning like an idiot. "Thank you." he whispered before pulling away. "Wait, what's your name?" She asked. The young man hesitated, "It's Phillip." he said before turning and leaving. Snow White had lied to Rapunzel when she said she had found him repulsive, in her heart Snow White knew she loved him.

[Ooc, This is all thanks to Cindy for giving me an idea!]
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Once Upon a Dream
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