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  That's a job. Just a job. But my job.

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PostSubject: That's a job. Just a job. But my job.   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:14 am

Original Author: Eric
Location: Room 10

When Eric opened eyes, he felt that something didn't go. The oblique vision of a dark wall was only confirming him. No bed. But especially....
Of a jump, Eric got up, tight fists. Where was he? And where was Anya?
He was in a new room, totally different from 'his'. Empty, totally.
With the exception of the girl in front of him.
At first, he believed that it was about the one that he had seen, there was a few days, on the television, fighting against a tall blonde. But it was not her. Smaller, thiner.
And frightened.
Attached on a chair, opened wide big eyes, an opened mouth, but incapable to say whatever it is.
Drug? Fear?
Eric was going to rush to her, reassure her, ask her if she had seen Anya, when suddenly, he remembered.
The contract. She or Anya. Death or live.

[It's just a job, just a job. As every job in the world. But it's my job. And this job is fuckin' horrible.]

Eric inspired profoundation, taking a smooth expression, the one that he always had by working.
Because after all, it was only it, another contract. Another job.
-Help me, she murmured suddenly.
Eric let see no emotion. He had learnt. With time. Feeling his pocket, Eric noticed that Villain had put back his knife there. Slowly, he took out it. The girl opened wide eyes.
- No, she whispered.
Eric approached her. Immediately, she stirred, firing at her links.
- Pity! She exclaimed. Pity, pity! What you want?! Money?!! I haveall money you want! I would give you what you want! Pity spares me!!
The shouts of the girl hurt him to the point that he almost hesitated. Usually, he knew everything of these contracts. Their errors, why he killed them... But she. What had she made? Did she deserve it? It was a garbage as the others? It would have been so simple to say yes...
But suddenly, the voice of the girl became that of Anya. Then he clenched teeth, and went towards her.
- I offer you all that you want! She still roared. You want my body?! I offer it to you! Take me!! Pity, pity! What you want, whore?! Bitch! Jerk! I have a family shit! My sister is quite small, we haven't parents! Pity! Save me for her! I beg you!
In Eric's head, everything became very vague. The way he protects itself. Don't think of what the girl said. Don't think that she could say the truth.
- Jerk! Jerk! Bastard! Pity....
She cried quite the tears of her body. It was the miracle that the chair likes still ready. Diving into the eyes, she still begged him while Eric went behind her.
-Please... Please... Don't kill me... Pity...
- I would have the choice, he murmured.
- Why you make that? Villain, why do you make that?
Eric opened the mouth, and immediately he cut the throat of the girl. Kill her when she expects it least. Not to terrorize her excessively.
The girl opened eyes in big, before emitting a wet and disgusting sound. A sound which Eric knew well. During one second, the girl opened the mouth, then her head fell again forward, her mouth was opened leaving escapee a stream of blood.
She had died within six seconds.
The blood fell, coloring her knees, her pants, her feet, the ground. Eric wiped his knife against the wood of the chair, before by-passing her. She still had her eyes opened.
- I'm sorry, he murmured in closing eyelids.
Even if it didn't make him feel bad, he felt sick all the same comfortable. Kill don't hurted. Not to know why, it was the other thing. Slowly, Eric bent, and had a strange gesture. He kissed the girl on the forehead. It was only a contract. Just a contract.
And Anya would be safe.
Putting off, Eric raised his head.
-Villain. I hope that you bandage, sort of bastard.

[ Don't frighten the target. Not terrorize her more than necessities. Knock as fast as possible. Not be seen. Nor by the target. Nor a person. Strike.
It's just a job. Just a job. It's everything.
Why do you consider we for what we make? It is only a job.]

Eric still moved back, turning the back in the corpse.
-Villain, I made what you wanted. Let me take out.
He hoped to return in the room before Anya wakes up. He would take back his place, in the arms, and without any more threat, he would continue to teach to know her.
As an alive victim sometimes managed to put him made, as a corpse don't impressed him a lot..
-Villain, hurry up!
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PostSubject: Re: That's a job. Just a job. But my job.   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:14 am

Villian: Two keys were quietly slid under the door. They were marked "10" and "3".
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PostSubject: Re: That's a job. Just a job. But my job.   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:15 am

Eric rushed on keys, introducing '10' into the lock. As fast as possible, he opened the door. But Villain wasn't any more there.
Sighs, Eric lowered the head. Shit. Turning around, he looked at the corpse behind him. The red colored each of her clothes.
- Sorry, miss, he murmured. Rest in peace.
Slowly, Eric closed the door, in key. Leaving behind him his contract. Leaving behind him the images of the last minutes. Also leaving the key in his pocket.
Turning around, Eric realized that he was held in a long corridor. About ten door hid everything walls. Eric looked for eyes number 3. He found it, far in front of him. Anya....
Eric looked quite at doors. Anya again had to sleep.
Going directly on the closest, he tapped with strength on the door of the number 9.
-Hey! Is there anybody?! You hear me?!

No answer. Eric wondered so finally, there was only Anya and he, in all this house. But he remembered voice, behind walls. Again, he knocked at the door.
-Is somebody hearme?!
Always no answers. Eric studied doors. Thick wood. Metal.
Useless. Nevertheless, by reflexe, he knocked in each of the doors, lingering to hear some reactions. But nothing.
In front of the door number 3, Eric inspired. Anya again had to sleep. Slowly, he introduced the key into the lock.

( Eric having to try every door, you can all react, even if Eric will not answer you, it can be fun )
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PostSubject: Re: That's a job. Just a job. But my job.   

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That's a job. Just a job. But my job.
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