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 Wendy's Story Part 1

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PostSubject: Wendy's Story Part 1   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:49 am

Wendy woke up to the bright light that flooded her room in an instant hearing the sound of her mother's voice "Wake up Wendy today is a very special day hunnie" Wendy covered her face back up with her thick purple comforter" Mother please let me rest I have had such a marvelous dream. Wendys mother was arranging the curtains to keep them open so Wendy would have to wake her lazy self up eventually" Wendy dear dreaming leads to nothing in life. She threw Wendy's dress on the bed it was beautiful pink with a white satin sash and a gorgeous pink pearl necklace. That her mother set on the counter for her to wear with it. Wendy pulled the blankets off of her, and sat at foot of her bed rubbing her eyes. "Mother whats the occasion?" Mrs. Darling smiled giving a light laugh. "Oh Wendy today i have arranged a meeting of the finest young boys around you are 18 dear it is time you find someone and leave the nest. Wendy sat up angry her hands on her hips " Mother!! you can not force me to fall in love!! No!! I won't meet these guys!!" Wendy turned around, having her arms crossed against her chest. Her mother sighed and put a hand on her daughters shoulder. "Wendy....please for me dear just keep an open mind."
Wendy reluctantly agreed and got dressed. She stepped towards the mirror and looked at herself. "I just wan't to find true love." She said silently to herself as she stepped out through the double doors and down the long pathway of stairs. Wendy's family was rich her dad owned so many companies around the world and Wendy had to live up to there expectations. They were very old fashioned folks, and were not up to par with the luxuries of televisions and house hold appliances where you can cook food in minutes. Being so high up in the royal life Wendy had rules to follow certain men she had to take a fancy to and no one less. Wendy slid down the corridor like an angel as she sat down at the dinner table seeing several soups and biscuits laid about all neatly in front of her. She took the napkin placing it gently on her lap as she took a bite of the biscuit. "So mother....when is this meeting??" Wendy's mother smiled such a big smile her face it would put the chesire cat to shame. "Soon dear soon eat your breakfast and we shall meet them in the garden for a small dance i have put together" Wendy choked on her biscuit. Could this get any more worse?? After breakfast she made her way to the garden looking at the beautiful ice sculpture and the roses all perfectly arranged seeing the row of guys in a line just to dance with her. Wendy had a huge rumble in pit of her stomach as she took the first bachelors hand. The man looked about 21 he held her waist and pulled her close to him. His hand moving down lower. Wendy tripped a little wearing high heel shoes to make her self appear taller. He spun her around like she was nothing to him she looked up at him he smiled and rose an eyebrow "So beautiful if you pick me ill show you a hell of a good time" Wendy shook her head and once the dance was over she huffed an annoyed sigh " What a jerk!!" Wendy's mother ran over to her "Ok what was wrong with him?" Too handsy!! Wendy shouted and fixed her dress" The next few guys were nothing different they were either stupidly shy and awkward or total jerks. She made her way up to her room as her mother followed behind her. "Wendy you met 15 guys today not one of them you liked!! What am i going to do with you child me and your father will not support you anymore!! We discussed then when you turned 18 you had to find a man!!" Wendy turned around steaming with anger "Mother!! I should not have to find anyone right now im still young!! leave me alone!!!" Mrs. Darling slammed the door behind her as Wendy screamed into her pillow. Wendy changed clothes and opened her window she sighed and packed a light bag with just the essentials. She climbed out her window and down the wooden ladder that was placed there for decoration. Wendy walked along the road seeing lights in distance she did not know where she was going or why but it beats this place. She kicked the pebbles as she kept moving the warm fresh air blowing through her hair the lights seemed closer as she stopped. "A Inn??" The sky started to rumble and the rain started to come down in buckets" Oh No!!!" Wendy shouted as she ran to the Inn as fast as she could she approached the door knocking lightly. No Answer. She tried once more hitting it a little harder a faint womans voice shouting behind door. "Jim! get the door please" "But mother!!! Ahh!! Fine!!!" The males footsteps were getting closer as he opened the door violently. "We are all full for the n...." He paused and smiled a crooked smile staring at the wet and muddy girl before him he could not help but to laugh" Um....Hi what happened to you wrestle in the rain did you??" Wendy put her hands on her hips "No! thank you very much!!" He chuckled and kept smiling at the girl "Would you like to come in??" Wendy looked behind her and took a step back.... "I...I...." Jim smirked "Well you can not stand in the rain maam" He opened the door inviting her to come in. Wendy nodded and walked inside water dripping on the floor. "Oh my!!" The lady's voice was heard as she came down the stairs. "You poor poor thing oh dear what happened??" Wendy sighed and looked down" I...I...ran away..." The lady held the back of her beck and sighed" Oh you poor thing running is never the answer. " It is when you are forced to fall in love with someone you don't even know. Mrs. Hawkins smiled and helped move the girl to the nearest chair as she sat beside her. "Tell me about it dear. Oh Jim please make this lovely lady a cup of tea would you??" Jim mumbled and wen't into the kitchen. "Why do you have to fall in love?" My family believes in rushing for me to get married I can't go back maam i can' don't understand." Mrs. Hawkins looked at the girls clothes. " Well first things first you need to get clean. Since your 18 there is not much the authorities can do with you. You can stay here but money....How about you work here for me just help me out around here and ill give you a room hun. Wendy did not know this lady but she wrapped her arms around her neck "Oh thank you maam thank you!!!" Jim came in with the tea setting it on counter as he stared blankly at the girl "Here you go?" Wendy smiled and thanked the boy " Your welcome" Mrs. Hawkins smiled and showed the girl her room for the night giving her a nice shower and some nice night clothes to sleep in for the night plus a nice dress that was to small for her to fit in any longer "Sleep well dear she uttered before closing the door behind her." Morning came and Jim knocked nervously on the door." I ....u...u..ummm morning!" He shouted nervously "Wendy chuckled and leaned against the door. "Yes....??" He smiled and handed her a muffin shaking while doing so.. "uhhh...uhh Food!!" He shouted again rubbing the back of his neck. "Wendy reached the muffin but dropped it Jim hurrying down after it they both bumped heads." Ow!!!" Jim reached for Wendy" Im so so sorry!! I...ummm ill get you another one!!" He said before started to walk off Wendy smiled and grabbed his shirt " Hey no its ok ill come down with you for breakfast I wan't to thank Mrs. Hawkins for everything anyways . Jim smiled and they walked down the stairs seeing the rush of traffic in the kitchen . So many customers running about like every piece of food was the last piece on planet. Wendy's eyes opened" Wow...." She stated while hiding behind Jim. He smiled and motioned for her to come in kitchen. Wendy followed and saw Mrs. Hawkins carrying an apron and and some menus. "Time to put you to work." She stated smiling " Ok here is the menus just lay them down in front of new customers and I will tell you what to do next." Wendy nodded and rushed outside handing everyone there menus. Jim leaned against the wall smiling while watching Wendy stumble around like a clumsy one footed bird flapping around trying to stay balanced. "Jim laughed as Wendy entered the kitchen he followed behind her."Nice menu throwing out there??" Wendy smiled and pushed him away " Oh leave me be boy let me work." Jim smiled and walked off. Mrs. Hawkins came back into kitchen " Oh don't mind Jim Wendy he is well....he has his good moments" She said laughing a little .Wendy smiled and took the dirty dishes laying in front of her to the sink and begin to wash them without being asked . Mrs. Hawkins smiled and exited the kitchen. After Wendy was done with work for the day she walked outside and sat on the front porch hearing a noise on the roof "What the??" Wendy looked up seeing a foot she ran up stairs looking of the window seeing Jim."Hey...what are you doing out here all alone....are you emo??" Wendy said jokingly and climbed outside to sit by him. Jim gave her a harsh look " I come out here to be alone sometimes I....just like to think." Wendy looked confused" Well can I sit here and think with you Jim..." He smiled and nodded as they sat on roof looking up at the bright stars that shone above them. "So why run away??" Jim asked changing subject on him for the moment. "My family does not understand me...It feels like I can not be what they wan't me to be." Jim's eyes rose up" Sounds like me..."Wendy placed her hands on her knees."What do you mean your mom seems amazing." He sighed and threw a rock off the roof. "She is but I wan't something different in my life then always be the good boy everyone want's me to be. I always get in trouble I don't try to ...I have a bit of a wild side." Wendy smiled thinking about having a dangerous life how amazing it would be. " I always have been so sheltered I do not know anything of just being out in the world you know..." Jim knew he did not know this girl much but she made him smile. Why was he telling her all this?? He reached over to take her hand but shyly pulled away. " Im sorry" Wendy blushed feeling something she had never felt before the churning in her stomach the longing. "It is ok really no harm done." Jim leaned his head against the wall No harm done?? he thought to himself " Wow she did not freak out like i thought she would. He smiled looking over at her seeing Wendy hold her legs in a nervous position. "Hey...." He said in a concerned voice.."I know things seem hard now but we will not kick you out. " I....I...need to go back home to get some things but I am afraid to go alone Jim...." He smiled and ran a hand through her hair" I will go with you when you have to go back ok but no rush just stay here and everything will be fine. Wendy pulled away shyly " Thank you Jim I think i will like it here."


To be continued
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Wendy's Story Part 1
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