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 Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]

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PostSubject: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:23 am

{ OOC: Some of you might already know some of this story. I have been working on a video for it, but since I lost inspiration I decided to make a fanfic over it instead. If you stumble upon any spelling mistakes or things that doesn't make sense, then please let me know.
The story takes place about 10 years ago. Tobias is Sinbad's older brother. }

Tobias sat in his room. He was reading a book about business economics. He would turn 18 in a few months, so he needed to study so he could help his father in his company.
Tobias could hear his father yelling from downstairs.
“Where is that boy? Has anyone seen Sinbad?”
Tobias sighed. “So he has run away again.” He put the book down and left the room.
“Father?” he said carefully as he walked down the stairs. His father turned around and looked at him.
“Your worthless brother is missing again,” his father said annoyed. “He ran away when he heard Cinderella and her family will be visiting soon.”
“I’ll find him,” Tobias said politely.
“At least I have one good son,” his father sighed before Tobias left the house.
Tobias ran into the forest behind the house. He was worried about his brother. Not because he was missing, but because of the punishment that would be waiting for him at home. It wasn’t the first time Sinbad had run away. He ran away whenever something didn’t please him. Tobias had always been able to find him in an old tree they used to play in as kids. It had a big hole in it, and nowadays Sinbad used to hide in there whenever he ran away.
“Sinbad, it’s me,” he said gently as he went inside the tree. “Are you here?” he asked, even though he knew the answer. Sinbad was always there… But not this time. Tobias could feel his heart beating faster. That was the place Sinbad always hided. If he wasn’t there, then where could he be?
Tobias ran through the forest and started calling out Sinbad’s name. After he had run for who knows how long, he slowed down to catch his breath. For a few minutes he walked around in silence while he looked for Sinbad. When he had caught his breath he started calling out Sinbad’s name again He stopped when he heard a familiar voice.
“Go away Tobi. Leave me alone.”
Tobias walked in the direction of the voice.
“Sinbad, can we talk a bit?”
“I don’t want to talk.” The voice was right above Tobias’ head. He looked up and saw Sinbad sitting in the tree.
“Please come down,” he begged, but Sinbad didn’t answer nor move. Tobias sighed.
“Very well… I’m coming up.” Tobias started climbing the tree. After a few minutes he reached Sinbad.
Sinbad looked at Tobias as he sat down next to him on the branch.
“Is it something you want to talk about?” Tobias asked. Sinbad turned his head away.
“You know you can tell me anything. I won’t tell anyone about it.”
Sinbad was silent for a moment. Then he turned his head slightly. He looked down at the ground beneath them.
“Why do I have to marry her?”
Tobias sighed. He wasn’t sure what exactly to tell his brother. He never thought it was a good idea that their father controlled their future so much. He had just learned to live with it.
“Father has his own way of doing things. I know it can be hard at times. But it would be easier if you could just deal with it.”
“But it’s stupid.”
“I know. But at least Cinderella is a nice girl. You really ought to give her a chance.”
“You only say that because she is nice around you. She is always so mean to me. I hate her.”
Tobias sighed again. It seemed meaningless to try to talk some sense into his brother’s head.
“Then maybe you should tell father how you feel,” Tobias said with a little smile. He was pretty sure it wouldn’t help at all, but he thought that it might cheer Sinbad up a little.
“It’s getting dark,” Tobias said as he moved closer to Sinbad. “We need to head home now Sinbad.” Tobias laid his hand on Sinbad’s shoulder.
“I don’t wanna go home,” Sinbad yelled as he tried to push Tobias away. The two brothers lost balance. Sinbad screamed as they fell. The fear made the tears run to his eyes. With one hand Tobias managed to get a hold of another branch, while he grabbed Sinbad’s arm with the other hand. Tobias maneuvered Sinbad on to another branch. Then he placed himself next to Sinbad. When he was sure that his brother had gotten his balance back, Tobias let go of Sinbad’s arm.
For a while Sinbad was still in shock. He sat with his back to Tobias without moving. Then he turned his head and looked at his brother with wet eyes. Tobias opened his mouth to say something. But before he could do so Sinbad pushed him again while yelling: “Go to hell.”
It took a while before Sinbad realized what had happened. He looked down and gasped when he saw Tobias lying on the ground several meters below. Sinbad climbed down the tree as fast as he could without losing his grip. He jumped the last two meters and landed on the ground right next to his brother.
“Tobi?” he sobbed as he moved closer. “Tobi, I…. I…” He couldn’t finish his sentence. The tears ran silently down his cheeks. The only sound that could be head was his sobbing once in a while. Sinbad gently shook his brother’s arm.
“Sin… bad…” said a faint voice. Tobias opened his eyes slightly. Sinbad tried to dry his eyes with his hands, but the tears kept running down.
“Tobi… I’m so sorry…. I… I didn’t mean to,” Sinbad said through his tears.
Tobias hushed him gently. “It’s alright,” he said slowly. It was difficult for him to talk and that showed both in his voice and in his face expression.
“It was an accident.” Tobias grabbed his chest with his hand. “Make sure you let father know that it was an accident.”
Tobias looked at his crying brother. “Tell him that we… lost balance and fell… That’s all he needs to know.”
“Tobi… You…. you’re going to be alright. Aren’t you?” Sinbad sobbed. A faint smiled formed on Tobias’ lips. “Sinbad,” he whispered. “I love you.”
Sinbad watched as the smile on his brother’s lips faded. His eyes almost closed.
“Tobi,” Sinbad said desperately as he started shaking Tobias’ lifeless body. “Don’t do this. I don’t want you to die,” he sobbed. “Wake up,” he yelled as he fell down on his brother’s torso, crying loudly. “How can you do this to me?”

Back in the house their father was beginning to get impatient. “Where are those boys?” he shouted to himself. “It’s been hours. That brat is always causing so much trouble.” He walked around in circles in his office. He reached for the phone and called the butler, who was in a room downstairs.
“It’s me,” he said quickly when the butler answered the phone. “I know it’s late, but can you call some of the servants and ask them to look for the boys?” There was no hint of worry in his voice, only annoyance. He put the phone back down and tramped downstairs. He went inside the living room where his wife was reading a book. “Tobias hasn’t returned yet. I asked Alfred to call the servants.” He let himself fall down in an arm chair.
“Darling, don’t be too harsh on him,” said his wife gently. “He is just a boy.”
“He is 12. Tobias never acted like that. He knew how to behave. Sinbad… he is a lost case,” he sighed.
“Maybe it was a bad idea to arrange that marri…” Before she could finish her sentence, her husband cut her off. “That marriage is necessary. That boy needs to be stabilized. And John’s daughter is perfect for that.”
“Cinderella is a kind girl. But I’m not sure if Sinbad agrees.” She spoke carefully, trying not to upset her husband. “I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do.” The father hushed her harshly. He was about to say something when he was interrupted by the butler.
“Sir, they have found the boys,” he said emotionless. “You might want to come and take a look at it.”
Behind the butler a tearful boy appeared. “It… it was an accident,” he whispered through his tears. Sinbad’s father quickly rose from the chair and the butler followed him out of the living room.
“What’s wrong, honey?” said his mother gently as she walked over to Sinbad. She laid her arm on the crying boy’s shoulder.
“… An accident… I didn’t mean to,” he sobbed. He looked into his mother’s worried eyes. He didn’t pay attention to the heavy footsteps approaching behind him. Two him hands grabbed Sinbad from behind and violently lifted him into the air. “What the hell have you done,” his father shouted in his face as he shook Sinbad with all his power. Sinbad shut his eyes. “It was an accident,” he screamed back as the tears kept running down his cheeks. “Shut up,” he father yelled as he tossed him on the floor.
“You killed your own brother,” he said with disgust in his voice. Sinbad looked up. Through his tears he saw his father’s furious expression. He turned to his mother. “It was an accident,” he sobbed as he turned to his mother. He expected to meet her gently eyes, but they weren’t there. She looked at Sinbad with cold eyes. Then she walked passed him. “Do what you have to do. I will go see to Tobias,” she said as she left the room. She silently closed the door behind her. A tear ran down her cheek. She could hear her husband yell from the other side of the door. She could hear her son scream as he was beaten. As she walked further away from the living room, the sounds faded.

A few days passed, and the time for Tobias’ funeral arrived. After the ceremony the participants said there final goodbye to the grave, before they left. Sinbad stayed behind with the grave.
“Why did you tell me to modify the story,” he whispered to the grave. “No one believes me anyway. Why are you the only one who doesn’t blame me for what happened? You are the only one who doesn’t hate me.”
“I’m sorry about your brother,” said a gently voice behind him. It startled Sinbad, who quickly removed the water from his eyes.
“What are you doing here?” he said in a surprised, yet angry tone as he turned around and looked at Cinderella.
“Your brother was always so kind to me,” she said with a sad smile. “It was a shame that he died.”
“You don’t know anything,” he shouted. “Just leave me alone.” Sinbad ran away, leaving the young girl behind. He sat down on the grass behind a huge tree. “Why did you have to die?” he cried for himself. “You were the only one who didn’t hate me.”
“Are you sure about that?” said a familiar voice inside Sinbad’s head. It was his brother’s voice. “What makes you think I would care for a brat like you?”
Sinbad stopped crying. The voice in his head seemed so real. As if his brother was really talking to him.
“Do you honestly believe that I could love you after what you did to me?” the voice continued.
“But…. You said…” Sinbad sobbed.
“Who could ever love such a worthless brat as you?”
“Please… Stop it… Shut up,” Sinbad pleaded.
His thoughts were disrupted when he heard his father’s voice.
“Everyone is waiting for you. And you are just acting like a baby,” his father said annoyed. “Grow up. This is your own fault.”
Sinbad dried his eyes and stood up. “Father,” he said with a shaking voice. “There’s something I have been meaning to tell you.”
“Yes?” his father said without really caring.
“I….” Sinbad started. He paused, trying to build up some courage. He was afraid of being beating up as he had been so often when he misbehaved. What he was about to tell his father was definitely not something that would please him. But his brother had suggested that he should talk to their father, so Sinbad had decided to give it a try.
“I don’t want to marry Cinderella.”
Sinbad bit his lip and let his eyes meet his father’s. The next thing his father said was something he would never have expected.
“Your brother would have done it.”
That was the last time Sinbad tried to get out of his arranged marriage with Cinderella.

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PostSubject: Re: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:29 am

sinbaadd Sad this is heartbreaking. I am speechless
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PostSubject: Re: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:42 am

Jeeeeeesus christ Shocked This will be like reading a whole book Shocked
Oh well... better start reading... xD
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PostSubject: Re: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:07 am

@Jas I'm glad you think of it that way ^^

@Villain you lazy bum xD
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PostSubject: Re: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:45 pm

Sad *hugs Sinbad* Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:48 pm

I'm not lazy! I just finished it! And if you want my honest opinion these are some clues:

- At the end I had a sad, bitter smile on my lips
- My eyes are wet
- My heart sped up so much I can now feel it without touching my chest
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PostSubject: Re: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:49 am

Noo D: Poor Sinbad D:
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PostSubject: Re: Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]   

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Memories of a brother [Sinbad's past]
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