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  Alone in a dark room with only memories as company...

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PostSubject: Alone in a dark room with only memories as company...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:22 pm

Original Author: Aurora

Location: Room 10

Aurora woke up after being asleep for a few hours and looked around and said surprised "What the...? I can't even see my hands infront of me". She rised from the bed "Chel? Are you there?" she asked. Not because she wanted her to be there but she wanted still to know. When she didn't get a reply she sat down at the beds side and felt how some of her memories came back in this darkness.

This feels like the same darkness that surrounds me as the one that surrounded me just a few years ago. The night when I was waiting for Tulio to be home at our...

Aurora started to cry and laid back in the bed. She felt so credulous and just wanted to die, right here, right now... She felt with her hand under the bed where she had put the knife though she didn't trust Gaston enough to let it lay on the floor where it was very visible. She thought it was better if it was a bit tucked away but still easy to find if you knew where to look for it.
She felt it with her hand and took it up. She hated herself more than anything right now and held the knife to her artery. She was shaking and crying and ready to cut herelf with the knife. She felt slowly how the knife came through the skin and she felt the terrible pain it gave her. It wasen't a deep scar but it hurted so bad that she screamed and dropped the knife to the floor beside the bed. She felt how her blood was streaming down her arm. She rised from the bed and walked some steps without knowing why, maybe to prove that she was strong enough to do it. But she fell to the floor, crying and bleeding.

"Why? Why am I so weak?" She asked herself as she laid down on the floor in tears...
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Alone in a dark room with only memories as company...
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