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 Where have you been?

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PostSubject: Where have you been?   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:21 pm

The clock struck 5 am. Aurora was sitting in armchair, without any lights on. She was awake. She was waiting in the darkness. She waited for him to come home.
"It isn't unusual that he comes home late, but why today?" she asked to herself.

Finally she heard what she had been waiting on to hear. His footsteps outside the door. She listened when he locked up the door with his key. She heard him open the door and walk in slowly and quietly in hope that she didn't wake up and notice how late he came home. He walked into the living room without seeing her in the dark. The chair had the back to him and she heard him behind her. She turned the lights on while she said:
"Hello Tulio..."
She heard Tulio's footsteps stop but didn't hear any answer. She rised from the chair and turned to him. He had his back to her and stood still like if he was hoping that she didn't see him. Aurora said with cold voice:
"Where have you been?"
He turned around slowly and said:
"Sorry hunny, I was out with some friends and totally forgot the time"
"Do you know what day it is, or should I say WAS?" She said with ice-cold voice and looked at him with ice-cold eyes.
"W-was it something s... special?" He asked with insecurity in his voice.
"Don't you remember? Don't you remember what happened 5 years ago?" She replied with tears in her throat.
"Oh... OH... I'm so very, VERY sorry hunny! I totally forgot that it was the anniversary of our first meeting!" he seemed so small when he almost was down at his knees begging her for forgiveness. She gave him an ice-cold look of disappointment before she looked away for a second before she said with warmer voice:
"It's ok... I forgive you..."
He walked forward to her and said with his seductive voice:
"Thank you hunny" He gave her a kiss before he started to walk to their bedroom "Are you coming?" He asked with nice, warm voice.
"Soon..." She replied and saw him walk into the bedroom. She sat down in the armchair again and started to think.

Tulio... Is he telling the truth or is he hiding something for me? Is he cheating on me?... NO! No, he don't betray me! He couldn't! He isn't! He is telling the truth! But somehow I feel like he is hiding something to me...

(Lucky for me that I had it saved in a document on my computer ^^)
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Where have you been?
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