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 The Day it Began....

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PostSubject: The Day it Began....   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:12 am

Original Author: Jane

It was like any other morning. Jane Porter woke up, breathing in the scent of lilacs and morning dew. She had left her window open the night before... no matter. She rolled over in her warm bed and swung her long, dainty legs off the side.

She ran her fingers through her toussled hair and glanced in the mirror which was nailed crookedly on to the wall next to her window. She chuckled at her bedraggled reflection, in this humidity nice hair wasn't really an option.

She stood for a moment staring out the window, drinking in the morning sunlight. It was another beautiful morning, another morning away from him... and another day to forget... She shook her head and tried to clear all thoughts and stood peacefully for a moment, listening to the chatter of the exotic birds in the trees.

Jane gazed out at the sea of purple flowers, the soft morning breeze caused them to undulate back and forth, like the waves of the ocean.

The ocean. Pain stabbed through her heart, she would never forget. The person who said time heals all wounds, clearly didn't consider what would happen if the stitches came apart.

She was fully awake now and moved towards her closet. She pulled out her sun bleached, worn yellow dress and slipped it on before combing her fingers through her hair once more. She had installed a bucket with a faucet as a make-shift sink in the far right corner of her room, above it hung another mirror, and a small shelf jutted out of the wall, on it lay her toothbrush.

It may be the "wilderness" but Jane had been brought up civilised- there was no excuse for poor hygeine.

After her "beauty regiment", she left her room and pulled the curtain over the door as she left. She made care to step over a squeaky board in front of her son's room and made her way down the rickety, haphazard stairs.

Then she prepared breakfast. There was something calming about frying bacon and eggs. The sound of a whistling teapot made her smile and she reached to take it off the stove. Then she poured the scalding water into two waiting teacups an grinned as the smell of fresh tea entered her nose.

Still holding a spatula she walked to the bottom of the stairs "Cody love! Time to wake up!"

She didn't hear any movment for a few moments, then she heard the creak of his hammock as he swung out of it, the soft padding of his feet on the floor above as he got dressed, and the creaking of the stairs as he attempted to descend quietly.

He was trying to sneak up on her, but without looking back she finished preparing a breakfast tray. "Good morning sleepyhead." She smiled and turned, resting the tray on the wooden table in the centre of the kitchen. "Eat some breakfast dear, then we can go out."

Cody nodded and rushed for the table he wolfed down his breakfast, "Hey slow down..." Jane laughed, "You don't want to choke now do you?"

Cody looked at her with a lopsided grin and tossed his long blonde hair out of his eyes. Jane just shook her head and went back to browsing through her sketchbook, sipping tea every now and then.

Fifteen minutes later the pair was on the move, they headed out the door, not locking it- the only thing they had to worry about around here were the animals- and they began to make their rounds.

First stop was with a kangaroo, Jane sat back on a log and drew as Cody "spoke" to the animal. After a few moments, Jane sensed something was wrong, and then Cody turned round and whispered urgently. "Pocahers."

Jane's face grew grim, as she packed up her pencils and book and turned to the forest. She made eye contact with the kangaroo and they nodded silently, understanding each other without speaking the same language.

Quietly Cody and Jane edged through the thick forest, making no sound... A gorilla in a cage was the first thing they saw, and Jane without thinking ran towards the beast and attempted pulling at the bars. The beast was frigthened, and made low grunting sounds. To calm her, Jane stuck her hand through the bars and gently stroked the animal's hand.

"It's alright." She assured the creature, when their eyes met the she-gorilla fell silent.

Jane frantically looked around for some instrument to use to break the lock but to no avail- suddenly men emerged from the bushes. One held Cody, Jane screamed his name but as she was beginning to run for him two arms the size of tree trunks wrapped around her waist.

"Don't struggle pretty lady... we can hurt you alot more." He whispered in her ear, Jane was revolted she smelled cigarette smoke and whisky on his breath, and she struggled anyway.

"Cody! Cody no!!" She screamed and struggled trying to free herself from the iron grip. She bit the hand that held her and he released his grip for a moment. "Bitch!" He roared as she scrambled away, but it was no use, he caught hold of her again, this time he held a cloth over her nose and mouth.

"No!!" Jane struggled, but was unable to speak through his hand... she knew what he was doing and she kicked again.

"Make her stop!" Another voice roared and without warning the barrell of a gun cracked down on her head. Then the world went black.

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The Day it Began....
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