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 I can't take this much longer ...

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PostSubject: I can't take this much longer ...   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:06 am

Original Author: Sinbad

The TV went on and lighted up the room.
Sinbad had to close his eyes for a moment, until they got used to the light.
When he could finally open his eyes again, he saw someone sitting in a chair. The image became sharper, as someone moved the camera a bit.
The one sitting in the chair was Chel. She was blindfolded, and both her legs and arms were tied to the chair.
Then a dark shadow showed on the right side of the TV screen. It was without doubt the villain. In his hand he held a large knife.
The villain slowly walked over to the chair Chel was tied up to.
"Are you having fun, Chel?" he said with an evil laughter.
"Who... who are you?" Chel asked a bit confused. "Why am I tied up?"
"None of that really matters, does it?" he said as he moved the knife towards her throat. "Are you afraid?"
The knife lightly stroke her neck.
"Please... don't do it," she cried.
"Don't be like that. I'm just having a little fun."

Sinbad sat in front of the TV. He wasn't able to move his body. He didn't have control of it. He just sat there and saw how the knife cut through Chel's skin as she began screaming.
"Scream all you want. That won't help you," he laughed.
She screamed again as the villain ran the knife over her left arm. The blood started running down and felt to the floor, where it joined the blood from the other scars.
After a few minutes the screaming became lower. Until it finally stopped.
Chel's head hang down. She didn't move anymore.
The villain lifted her head with his knife and looked at it. Then he let it fall down again, while he walked towards the camera.
"Bad news, Sinbad. I think I killed this one," his said with his evil laughter.
"But don't worry. At least Meg is fine. Wait a minut and I'll show you."
He walked out of the camera's sight. After a while he came back. But he wasn't alone. Meg was with him.
Sinbad couldn't see the villain. He was still just a shadow. But Meg was clinging to him. Kissing his neck.
She stopped and looked at the camera. With a smile on her face she said "Hey Sinbad. I hope you are having fun. I know I am."

Sinbad woke up with a scream. Bathed in his own sweat. Another nightmare...
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I can't take this much longer ...
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