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 I'm Going to Hell

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PostSubject: I'm Going to Hell    Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:02 am

Original Author: Esmeralda

Esmeralda lied on what felt like the softest bed she had ever slept on. She smiled when she felt the bed dip and someone wrap their ams around her. She felt warm, safe...and loved. "Goodmorning." He mumbled in her ear. Turning over the girl caught sight of a tanned face and the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen. They peered at her with love as he leaned in to kiss her. wait why is his face fuzzy? Like I can't really see him? Esmeralda ignored her thoughts and instead kissed him back. As she russled under the bed sheets, that was when she realized her clothes were on the ground. Jerking back, she fell off the bed. Hitting her head.

Fuck! She thought, as she rised up. The room was dark, but Esmeralda could make out the outline of Odette on the other side of the room. It was just a dream. Not another one She thought to herself, as she placed her head in her hands. This one was weird. She had never lane with a man, so why dream of it. It's just the devil placing temptations in form of dreams to get you down. That's all it is But still even as she believed her explanation, something pulled at her stomach. That fuzzy face. That kiss. It all seemed so real. Closing her eyes, the green eyed girl rolled over and forced herself to sleep a dreamless sleep.
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I'm Going to Hell
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