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 Jasmine's Past full

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PostSubject: Jasmine's Past full   Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:40 am

(I am very proud of this. I am not english so i think i wrote a very good past for her. I wrote it like she is telling it too you. Hope you like it)

My parents were poor. One day the guards of the sultan broke into our house. They told my parents that they could earn some money. My Dad sold me too the guards. Without i had anything too say about it I was dragged away. Screaming. My parents just stood there. My dad held my mother. She tried to reach out for me. But there was no chance she could get too me in time. The guards pushed me forward. I fell on the ground wishing they would just let me lie on the ground but they didn't instead of helping me one of the guards kicked me. Feeling the kick in my stomach made me gasp for air. I slowly stood up walking with the guards. Once I saw the palace I couldn't believe my eyes. The beauty. The palace it was big. Something I never saw before. Things that would happen behind those walls would stay behind those walls. As the months past I finally found my place in the harem. All those girls. I couldn't believe it. Every day he came too pick one of the girls for an what we call ''private dane'' But we never knew what would happen during that private dance. We never talked about it. He never picked me sometimes he just came into the room and asked me too dance for him but that was all. We had this beautiful balcony where you could see the stars at the evening. Though there were always guards walking around too make sure we didn't jump or escape. I had been there for 5 years. I was 13 when they took me away from my family. The first 4 years weren't so bad. The last year was the hardest for me. Everything that happened.
It is like it happened yesterday. It still feels like that... one day at the harem me and my girls where just talking. suddenly someone was behind the curtain. Not the usual guards but a man. Dark skin tone. He was very tall. I opened the curtain too see who it was. It was like love at first sight. He turned around and he looked at me. Not just my body. No he made eye contact. His eyes were beautiful. He asked for my name. He didn't want to just see me dance no he wanted to get to know me. He wanted to know my name. I remember i just stood there. I looked at him. He told me my name was beautiful. I couldn't help but blush. His name.. it was Rameses he was the advisor of the sultan. We talked and I couldn't help but flirt with him. He was so sweet and kind. He asked me if i was okay. If I was happy. But the best part was that he actually cared about my feelings. I wasn't an sex object. For once in my life i felt free nothing could hurt me now. It was the perfect moment. I could escape the normal world and step into this perfect world. We had talked too each other for hours. Even though it was evening . Night. Morning. I remember i fell asleep against his chest. It was very awkward but it felt like a good thing. He was still awake. I was wondering why he didn't lay me in a bed. But he just smiled at me and greeted me. We stayed with each other the whole day. When it became dark again I heard the sultan in the hallway. I looked up at Rameses he slowly moved his head towards mine. His lips pressed gently against mine. I closed my eyes. He pulled back once the footsteps were louder. Rameses hurried to open the door he only had the key. Once the sultan entered the harem room. Rameses was gone. The sultan his time was there. the ''private dance'' he was soon going too pick the harem girl who he wanted to spend some time with. He never picked me and i was almost sure that he wouldn't pick me but once he looked towards my way I started to be afraid. All the girls looked relieved as he picked me. I couldn't do anything but just stand there. Quiet. With tears in my eyes. All the girls left the room. Some of the giggled some of the just Quiet. He locked the door. there wasn't any way too escape. I was afraid. I hated that lustful look he always gave too other girls. but now he gave the same How his eyes looked at me. Not looking at me but at my body. he couldn't care less about how I would feel. No he didn't care about me or the other girls. Soon he pushed me to the ground I couldn't stop the tears. I shivered. He came close too me. Too close . He ripped off my clothes. Leaving scratches on my skin. I cried. Wanting too scream. But there was no sound. I couldn't speak only cry. I was still a virgin. This wasn't an nice first time. He touched me. On places he shouldn't touch me. I cannot imagine why my dad send me to this place. He never cared about me. Selling his own daughter. The sultan went inside me. I cried. Hearing his dirty voice made me shiver. I tried to forget everything. Wanting to fight. But his strength was too much. I just hurt myself. After he was done with me. He let me lie on the ground. naked. broken. Only tears. I curled up not anymore. No more. Is what i thought. Trying too stop crying. It was no use. I cried all night long. Until the morning i found the strength to stand up again seeing that the sultan left something there. He left some clothes for me. I could find the power to get the clothes and put them on.
felt so dirty. No words. Only silence. I sat there all alone till the afternoon. Once the door opened again. It wasn't any of the girl from the harem nor the sultan. It was Rameses. I started crying again. I ran towards him. his arms around me tightly. He told me that everything would be all right. He would care for me. I wouldn't have to worry anymore. I tried to calm down.
The next day Rameses came again. I was happy to be with him. Feeling his arms around me. My head on his chest. Everything was perfect when I was with him. One harem girl was looking at us all the time. I wasn't really paying attention at her. But suddenly she wasn't there anymore. I kissed Rameses. His soft lips against mine. When it was dark outside suddenly the lights were turned on. Right into my face. Before i could do anything a guard was holding Rameses around his neck. I kicked the guard. Hit him. Rameses was screaming. trying to get out of the guards grip. The other guard pushed me to the ground. I fell on my head and had a black out. Once i opened my eyes again i saw this ugly face. The face of the sultan. He was driven mad by his jealousy. He grabbed me from behind. Holding my shoulders tight. I looked straight away. There was Rameses. I screamed his name. He looked at me. Horror. Nothing but horror. He was send to death. Once the big knife chopped his head of i couldn't cry. I couldn't believe it. It couldn't be true. The dirty voice. whispered in my ear. ''Now you are for me'' . Only his.....
In the room again. The tears started too pour down. No other girl who could feel this pain. I cried for 2 days. Until i got this letter. From Isabella. She could help me. when the sultan came to pick one girl. I stepped forward telling him he could have me. He had this dirty look again. All the girls looked at me. He didn't lock the room. I told the sultan to wait i had to prepare myself. As i walked over to the balcony i saw Isabella. I walked into the room again. His dirty eyes on my body. I seduced him. Slowly walking towards him. He was surprised. I was very close to him. I could feel his breath on my face. Isabella slowly walking from behind him. I saw an knife. She held it. I was very close too the sultan once Isabella stabbed him. I backed off. Holding my hand before my eyes. Isabella took care of him. While i escaped the palace. They would go and look for me.

Once i got kidnapped I thought about everything. Still am I asking myself. Am I even better than him.... He killed my love. But I..... I made some one kill him.
When i look in the mirror. I don't see me. I see an stranger. A stranger. Who am i? I am Jasmine. The girl who used too hope. I tell people too hope and pray. I don't believe in an god. I don't believe my prayers can be heard. I don't hope. Life could just end for me. I have seen people die. People getting hurt. Why is it that we hurt each other? Why can't we be nice too each other? When i look in the mirror. I see a stranger. A stranger that doesn't believe in a god. Or prayers. Neither do I believe in love. Not anymore. Why do we tell each other that we love each other. But look outside look around. Everybody has a past. Everybody has been hurt. When i look in the mirror i see a stranger. The old me was warm. Believed in hope. The new me is cold. I don't believe in hope, love or god. This is me. The new me. The cold me. This is me. The stranger.
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PostSubject: Re: Jasmine's Past full   Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:07 pm

Awwe, I was hoping Ramses would show up in this RP now Sad
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Jasmine's Past full
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