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 They Were the Same

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PostSubject: They Were the Same    Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:57 am

Original Author: Esmeralda

Esmeralda sat in the deep caverns hidden within the Cathedral walls. She let her eyes scan across the open halls, staring at the people she was forbidden to speak to. She pursed her lips, and continued sewing her new dress she had started two hours before. She adverted her eyes from the material for one moment, catching the sight of a dark haired man walking through the halls. A cold chill ran down Esme's spine, she had a bad feeling about the man. He wore a dark clock and kept to the shadows of the church. Without thinking about it, Esmeralda pulled herself up and out of the alcove, and slowly crept through the shadows of the Cathedral, hiding away from everyone (a skill she had gained over her time there). Keeping her green eyes on the dark haired man, Esmeralda followed him into the dark caverns, hidden away from all of the praying patrons. Esme never stopped to think when the man stopped. Quickly, she dove for one of the large statues, trying to hide away from the man. She heard his footsteps coming closer to her, causing her to finally regret following the strange clocked figure. The ominous shadow was what she saw first, then the gleam of the knife, then the crazy look in the man's blue/green eyes. The fear flashed through her, her eyes filled with terror. "No..." She gasped out, seeing the murder in the man's whole body. Then something shocked her. The look of realization that flashed in his eyes, the look of pure confusion. And the fact that this man, who had wanted to kill her not two seconds before, was backing away and running out of the cathedrall like his life depended on it. Terrified and shocked, Esmeralda ran as fast as she could to her room, to scared to think. She ran into the bathroom, and leaned against the sink, tears running down her face. Looking up at the mirror, Esmeralda felt a pull at her stomach. Those eyes. Her eyes. They were the same
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They Were the Same
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