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 Anya's Sin Part 3

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PostSubject: Anya's Sin Part 3   Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:56 am

Original Author: Anya

Russia 1929: Anya is 17.

Anya was swept away by Vladimir to become a movie star and along with her new life came a new name, Etoile. Determined to leave her old life behind, Anya became controling and untrusting. Then she met Proteus. Proteus was captain of a the guards and was three years Anya's senior. Vladimir introduced them "Protues I would like you to meet a new up and comming star Etoile." Proteus smiled at Anya and just like that she fell in love. They spent most every moment of the day together talking and just enjoying eachother's company. It had been 10 months since they met that Anya told him her realy name and their bond grew even stronger. Proteus enjoyed talking about his past. He told her about how his father expects so much of him and how he fears he won't live up to expectation, but there was one thing that he wasn't telling Anya that would bring their romance and Anya's faith crumbling be continued
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Anya's Sin Part 3
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