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 Drawing Contest [ROUND 3#]

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PostSubject: Drawing Contest [ROUND 3#]   Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:34 am

THEME: Mirror Me.

DEADLINE: February 1st.

This contest is a little bit different in ways of judging. I will myself judge which two drawings are the bottom 2 and the members of the forum will be able to vote for who should stay in the competition by a poll I will put up ^^

In this round the theme will be "MIRROR ME."
You will be asked to draw a picture of a character (any character, does not have to be your own) looking in the mirror. The reflection of the mirror should reveal the characters thoughts and feelings about him/herself. The mirror can be anything you want; Full body mirror, mirror hanging on the wall, tiny mirror in the characters hand etc. It doesn't even have to be a mirror, if you want it can be any reflective surface, as long as the character can see himself.
The reflection should not be accurate or real, but a window into the character's thoughts about him/herself.
ANY drawing style allowed!
This is what I will be judging by this round:
- Creaivity.
- How well you can recognize the character in the picture.
- How emotional your drawing is.
- Pose.
- Details.
- Story. (you have to have a point behind the drawing, you can't just make something up. Make it relevant to the character you have chosen to draw.)

- The reflective surface/ mirror can not reflect reality, but what goes on in the character's mind.
- You have to draw the character twice (once as the real person and once in the mirror)
- You are allowed to add more characters in the mirror/ reflective surface, but not in the character's reality.

When that's said, GOOD LUCK ^^

1. Jasmine
2. Juliet
3. Pocahontas
4. Charlotte
5. Naveen
6. Dimitri
7. Sinbad
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Drawing Contest [ROUND 3#]
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